Question about My Princess

This is my second time to watch this, would any one take a guess of where they filmed this and in what palace or did they create the palace? it doesn’t look like the old palace you see in other dramas, this looks more modern. so anyone??

Maybe no one is interested, but I was, so I will share what I found out! Really a shame no one responds to any of what I put here on the discussion board, kind of disappointed with this

‘Beartree Park’, Home to Royalty in ‘My Princess’

Do you want to see where Kim Tae-hee lives the life of a Korean princess? The upcoming drama series, ‘My Princess’ starring Song Seung-heon and Kim Tae-Hee is set to air on Wednesday, January 5th. The romantic comedy revolves around an ordinary college girl, Lee Seol (Kim Tae-hee) turned princess, and falling in love with Park Hae-yeong (Song Seung-heon), the sole heir to Korea’s leading conglomerate.

On January 2nd, the royal palace scene was filmed at Beartree Park, a main shooting location where a special palace was created for the drama. Beartree Park, located in Yeongi-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, is a rare park that preserves both the amazing flora and fauna of Korea. The 82 acre arboretum boasts waves of junipers and is home to over 150 Korean black bears.

The land was privately operated for 45-years and opened to the public in May, 2009. Due to the anticipated popularity of the drama, the area has also emerged as a new travel destination for families and couples.