Question about the use of the hyphen (-)

Hi, I suggest you look further into this information bc I feel the YT where you got this information has not been updated. I could be wrong, but I hope you look into this further. Some of these youtuber only want viewers to get paid money, and put whatever with no regards as to whether the information is accurate.

Some people with two surnames may also use a hyphen: Rodriguez-Torres, Smith-Torres.
Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side.
[Even though to MY eye, it looks better with a space ; ) ]

The dash between surnames is no longer used (at least here in US). The space is needed after the hyphen (one space only) Not only bc it looks better but bc is the proper way to do it. I’ll see if I can get that updated information and will post here.

Geez, don’t remind me! I was wrong to use it, and you were very nice to warn me, but I was so happy to be on a team in another language that I wanted to communicate with everyone! Thank goodness the moderator came and could speak to everyone in Spanish, I was just helping her, and she even made the thanks card in Spanish! I really enjoyed being on the team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I take this into my life. No matter what kind of criticism, I always try to interpret it as something constructive, even if someone is rude to me I can still take a lesson from it, which doesn’t happen very often. But you were not rude, you were just giving me advice, and I take advice seriously, it is always welcome to me!



Well, I have seen you working a lot here at viki I’m glad it’s working out for you. I had to stop bc of health issues, and I don’t like to be irresponsible with the volunteer work if I get sick all of a sudden so I no longer take moderator or CM positions. I mainly do subtitles here and there.

I hope you already filled out the form to work as an editor in your language since the dramas that are pre-subbed are in need of editors. Just in case here it is:



:sparkles: Site Updates


Many of you have been editors on Viki for a long time now, and as a vital part of the community, we want to make sure your hard work is recognized! Official rollout of the editor role is expected the week of Feb. 15.

This is a first step of many to incorporate more roles and appropriately count your contributions, and make your volunteering experience even better. Read more at the FAQ .

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