Question about unsubscribing from the newsletter

I am getting tired of all the “newsletters” I get from Viki about shows they think I might like to watch, what is popular or new etc… But I’d still like to receive newsletters for QCs so that I know about upcoming subathons and the like.
The info on the “manage notifications” part of the settings on my profile is sort of vague: “Send me occasional emails about upcoming shows, news, exclusive contests and promos!”

Does anyone know if I’ll still receive the QC related emails if I unsubscribe, or if I will receive none at all?? :face_with_peeking_eye:


I think you won’t receive anything in that case, but I could be wrong.
I kept it on in order to get some news about things like the QC gifts, but I haven’t received anything about it. I get mails very occasionally for some reason.


You won’t, that means you have to endure these annoying advertisement emails. It would be great if Viki could split information from plain marketing mail. (I would prefer a better search function for dramas against mails that rarely meet my taste.)

@amm11 Any possibility for such an option?


Filter your emails from viki so that you delete or move to trash anything hat doesn’t say QC on the subject line or reset password. Or filter out just the emails with the show recommendations. They should have a consistent subject line, email origination, or message body.