Question about Viki Pass

I am trying to watch the chinese drama Waking Love Up, but all these video ads interrupt every 5 minutes or so, even though I have the viki pass. Does the viki pass not apply to all dramas on viki or just the new ones? Is there anyway to watch the videos without ads?

It’s a Fan Channel. The pass doesn’t apply to Fan Channels.

Viki pass generally applies to official channels (i.e. the ones that don’t have the orange ribbon/ “fan channel” label) wherein Viki has legal rights to stream the show.

On fan channels, videos are hosted offsite on either Youtube and/or Dailymotion. If the video has ads there, they will still show up.
Waking Up Love videos are hosted on Youtube, so the only ads you should be seeing would be from YT. From my experience, ads on YT only show up once per video and are usually of the pop-up variety and not a video ad.

(To clarify, are you like getting 30 second-long video ads? If so, have you tried logging out and back in?) I’m not sure how Viki’s ads work with fan channels or if they show up at all though.

I am a little confused on fan channels. I’m trying to watch a Chinese drama called The Journey of Flower but the episodes are unavailable. All the info it is giving me is that it’s a fan channel. Was it taken down or can I not watch fan channels?

Hello, do you mean this one?
The videos of that fan channel are located at Dailymotion. As for Dailymotion I know that some countries are not able to access them.
For me it’s running at least episode 1, the one I tried.