Question regarding a korean expression[solved]

My dear kor-eng translators I have a question for you
The word “tsam” I have encountered a lot what exactly means?
How should we translate it? Unfortunately in the english subtitles I saw it recently they just put it as “tsam”.
Thank you in advance for your help

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Can you give us the show name episode number and timing?

For instance some editors give me lines of OST with absolutely no context. I realize later I was wrong once I saw it.

I agree with sophie2you. It should be translated in context, so please provide the reference as sophie requested. Having said that, you might want to explore the meanings : a few, two or three, a couple of.

Yes you are right I should have so here you are:
Let’s fight ghost episode one
0:02:42.51 You saw me. Didn’t you?
0:02:50.52 Tsam, tsam, tsam (here the female ghost with her hand touches the face of the male protagonist and say that)
0:03:00.55 You saw me.

My error. Thought you wrote 이삼. I wonder if it is just the ghost trying to cast a spell on him or something similar, but not translatable–like abracadabra. I am sure Sophie will know. Cham cham cham. Is the word sequence you are asking about, right?

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@doublebass yes exactly cham, cham, cham

It looks like 참참참 (Cham Cham Cham) game.
For the first and second Cham, you prepare…
but at the third Cham the person who is shouting out Cham (IT) will chose one particular side to direct with her hand. The other person (game player) has to turn his face to the opposite direction to the “Cham” side.
If the player happened to turn his face to the same direction to the IT chose, the player will get punched on the head.
It’s a popular game.


oh!!! I think x-men taught me this.

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