Question regarding Please Come Back, Mister OST

Anyone know what song by which artist was played in Please Come Back, Mister in Episode 15 at 46:30?? And also in Episode 16 at 28:30? It’s basically Song Yo Yeon and Han Ki Tak’s theme song. :smile:

I just love the singer’s raspy voice.


pm cgwm808 or any subtitler on the Kor-Eng team. They can help you

I did ask one of them but she had no idea. But I’ll try cgwm808. Thanks.

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She’s a known OST maniac! Good luck!

The song is Even a single day by Kim Su Yeong :blush:

THANK YOU!!! xoxoxox

I wonder if she has any other song I can listen to and where they are available. I looked up on Spotify and saw none of her songs there. :frowning:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
She also sang “Two Faces” which is also an OST of Come Back Mister, and another song called “Cutie Girl”.