Question - Smell

Hey, I was just wondering about something.

Losts of times when Park Joon Geum came on screen (Kim Tan’s mom in Heirs), there were comments like “keep calm and smell” and stuff like that, …

Can anybody tell me what’s that all about?

Thank you :smiley:

Hi, it’s referred to her role in Secret Garden (she was Hyun Bin mother), she used to spray on her face a facial mist and then she said “smell”…her role was parodied by Big Bang Daesung because that drama was very popular. I hope i’ve explained well. ^___^

You’ll understand when you see this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Loved Big Bang’s Secret Garden Parody I died laughing when a friend shared it!!

thank you all sooo much

i’ve seen Secret Garden two days ago and that’s where i first saw that comment o

it makes so much more sense now haha

Thank you again :smiley: