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I was curious about if viki has a way to report users, a couple days ago a user sent me a mesage trhoug viki asking me to answer him/her via e-mail because he/she have something important to tell me.
I didn´t because i dont give my email to everybody and because i check this user profile and it was created the same day and have no information. I answer that i cant give himher my email and i dindnt get a response.

Today i discover another message , it says something about busines in my country and me reciving money. It sound really suspicius so i didnt answer and i check the user profile, it has nothing : No picture, no imformation, and was created today.

I dont like it and i dont know what else to do (besides ignoring it) so i post this here

PDT: Sorry if i have some mistakes, my english is not that good :smile:

Hi please report this spammers to the help center I will leave you the link here, just put in the title Spam messages or something so they know that need they need to look it up, also please paste all the PMs that this people send you to the message and paste the link of their profile.

Hope It helps


Hi, Mariko one of the viki staff open a topic for this cases please check it out and report your case there. Thank you