Quick question

Is there a way to search within a topic that has 200+ posts for a word? I tried to use the search function in the top right, but it only finds the topic, not the specific post I want.

I don’t think there is something like that. From what i know you just can search for the posts a user made at a topic.
If it’s 200+ for example i can just view my posts.

Thanks. I’ll take your word for it. A veteran like yourself should know… :smiley:

Lol yeah I am quite active here … happy that I could help

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I just found sth!!
Go to the topic you are searching the word in and click to that search symbol above.
If you write the word you are searching for in there it should show a few sentences with the words and maybe you can find the post that way. If you didn’t already ^^

I just tried it and found the post.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll try that.