Rainbow Logo?


Woke up to a surprise today.
Did Viki change its logo or is it just me?


Just took a screen shot to post on discussions hahah
Im surprised too!

Im wondering what happened!


It’s Pride Month!



Maybe it’s time to change the site back to white. I noticed that on the site the colors don’t include black, while it does on the volunteer community website :upside_down_face:
The website itself:
If you click on community and go to the community site:

It was a nice surprise to wake up to though :smiley:


Happy Pride month!!
I did think it has something to with LGBTQ+ community but then, the flag doesn’t include brown, does it?


Wait, I just Googled it and Google showered me with these streamers and flags :heart_eyes:


Hahah we are in a complete sync
I too just googled it.
it happened to me too


Those colors actually look great on that black background!