Real Life Vs. Kdrama

Okay so mostly this is to discuss the the things you’ve noticed show up in kdrama a lot that would almost never happen in real life.

One of my big ones is the way the public will turn on even small children of people that have publicly fallen from grace. I admit that I don’t know a lot about Korean culture, but I’m sure that is a strictly melodrama thing.

What Kdrama staples have you noticed that would play out differently in real life?


Getting really sick because the character was soaked in water in some way, then practically dying at night (unconscious, high fever, breathing issues), but noone calls a doctor (because it is totally enough to put a wet towel on the forehead and cook some porridge), when they wake up in the morning they are miraculously healed. :laughing:


I have to say, the one that gets me ALL the time is the “accidental” kiss. I think they’re so unrealistic! I mean what are the odds of you falling/slipping and your lips landing on someone elses?! And then they’re like, “Oh, let’s just stay like this with our eyes wide open for a few seconds”. Accidental kisses are so overplayed :grin:

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This might be a bit cheeky but the whole rich guy/poor girl relationship. I am sure it can a happen but the whole Chaebol heir falling madly in love with the girl he met in the parking lot…is just not happening yet, it is fun to watch. Isn’t it?!?

Evil parents…plotting to get rid of unsuitable partner, or at least I hope that isn’t happening.

Switching the DNA test results of one’s child so he or she can be used in a revenge plot against the baddies immortal enemy. Wouldn’t this be scary.


I have to agree. Although, this is usually how we are even getting the ‘first’ kiss in most of them.

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i have to agree with the illness one wow. also have you noticed how many characters get nosebleeds? nosebleeds from stress, nosebleeds from being slapped or punched, nosebleeds from tripping and the occasional nosebleed meaning the character is about to die hahaha

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staying in the same room or appartment all night but 'they respect each other’

talk about torture

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Oh yes that’s one that really does not exit in real life. Unless your friend is gay. I’m laughing here to myself because I can only recall two dramas that the guy openly suffered because of the close proximity of a girl he fancied. Everyone and his mother knows that guys get physical bodily reaction except for Koreans ( in dramas ) and are quite happy with a hug, I don’t think so, in fact I know so. The one that kills me altogether is the portrayal of adult children who blindly obey parents who continually interfere in their lives. As a parent believe me when your kids grow up they tell you to mind your own business and get your nose of of theirs. Just finished watching ’ Heart to heart’ and was relieved to see the son of the house rebuke his parents and grandfather for their lies that hurt another innocent person now this is what would happen in real life. Some of the dramas are more like grims fairy tales. Thankfully there have been a few of late with decent scripts and good actors.

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Hahah, the one drama that hits all of these and then some is You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin. As much as I enjoyed that drama, there were so many frustrating, unrealistic parts.

Yes, I have to agree with this one wholeheartedly. That is one of those moments where I go “Come on, no way”. :laughing:

I have heard about this drama but have not seen it, yet. I will have to check it out and see what I can spot. :smile:

Here are some
1)how they get amnesia so easily
2) the girl who dresses in boy clothes and looks so much like a girl but everybody fail to notice and keep thinking she is a guy.
3) When they always believe the bad guy even though they just did something to them for example someone try to kill you before and he ask to meet you somewhere by yourself and you just go .
4) When they always fail to call the police or 911 and they try to solve things by themselves or cry on an injured person instead of getting help
5)The stupidity of some characters always get me too babo beyond imagination(the king in the king face, the night watch man crew, wow


same bed

same appartment

I know it’s not korean but he is gorgeous

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Definitely agree with #2. Sulli in To the Beautiful You, was not convincing as a boy. Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful, in the beginning maybe as time went on no way. I like both of these by the way, but there is just no way in real life would they be convincing as young men. I have not seen Coffee Prince and that is supposed to be the epitome of gender swapping in kdrama. Yes, to #3. Hotel King would be an excellent example of letting the baddie continue to get the upper hand.

But the public does turn on the children of those who have fallen from public disgrace. When one falls from public disgrace, the parents apologize, and the children suffer. It’s a big reason to not fall from public disgrace in Korea. You can’t just move to a new state and start a new life. The netizens will find out everything and retaliate, depending on the seriousness of your crime. I know it may come as a shock to you guys, but sometimes watching Korean news is more funny and dramatic than most dramas.

Here’s one where kdrama does become real life. The way the rich family’s act in the dramas.
A CNN article today reports a VP of Korean Air was sentenced to one year in prison for violating aviation laws after she demanded the flight turn around and go back to the gate to kick the flight attendant off after she was served her peanuts in the bag and not a porcelain bowl.
Another executive was also sentenced for ordering the crew to lie and cover up the incident with investigators.

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Oh yes I read that article also and laughed especially the part where she insisted the flight attendant kneel and beg forgiveness. She’s the daughter of the airline owner and sounds exactly like one of the crazy bitches in a Kdrama.

LOL I’m laughing hard with this one! Totally true! :joy:

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oh I saw that news on tv some time ago, totally bizarre, I just couldn’t believe that kind of “k-drama-person” does really exist. lol

All the above :)) and another one it crossed my mind:
The girl and the boy are madly in love for one another and when they kiss, the girl stand there in front of the boy like a wall with the eyes wide open and with the hands down. So unrealistic.

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