Real Man (Korean Variety Show)!

Hello! Does anyone know if they are going to add Real Man onto Viki? I would really like to watch that show since you can’t watch it anywhere else, so I was wondering if they have a page that they are trying to get a license for or it isn’t created. I would like to help out to get the licensing for it, because it seems like a cool show!

I was wondering about that. It would be nice to see celebs do some cardio, other than eating ramen, and making the rest of us hungry.

Somebody needs to start this channel! Prontissimo!

Should we ask Viki? Would you help support the page too? :smile:


I submitted the channel! :slight_smile: We will see whether it is approved or not.

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Hi! :blush:
How can I help so we can get approve? I would like to help out in anyway.
I can also help on the channel once it gets approve. :smile:


It can usually take a few weeks to review Channels. You can fill out this form to get it licensed!:

What would you like to help then, if on the channel once it gets approve? You want to be a subber, oder moderator?

Okay, I’ll fill it out.
I am currently doing the Ninja academy so I have learnt how to segment. I understand Korean so I wouldn’t able to sub into English,but I can sub from English to Spanish.
I would be happy to do whatever for the channel. :smile:

Great! :clap:
Sure, we have to wait a while to be approved the channel. There is a channel that I subbmitted a month ago, but still no answer. But that’s good, because it was so, which soon was rejected.
Now we just have to wait patiently. :slight_smile:
Until then, at least you will finished the Ninja academy. :smile:

Okie dokie! If you would like I could ask others to help out by filling the form too! :smile:
I finish the Sandbox and I’m currently doing the academy I think I am on the last level in it, so I should be done pretty soon! Have you start recruiting any other members for the team?


Of course, I start recruiting any other members for the team!

I’ve already created the topic :slight_smile:

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Yeah! Hopefully other’s start asking for the show! Can you link me to the topic so I can stay updated on everything too please? :blush:


I saw you already found it :slight_smile:

I’m interested in being an Editor :wink:

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Thanks! I will send a PM for you!