REALLY wish there would be a VIKI app on my Smart TV and or Bluray player

Hi ALL!! I was just setting up my Bluray player and started thinking…DANG! it’d be REALLY AWESOME if I could have VIKI on here!!! has there been any talk about something like that?

Agreed. We have a Roku player, and I would love to watch VIKI on it some time in the future!

my smarttv does have a viki premium app. It was installed when i bought the tv.

I too would love to get Viki on my Roku. Korean drama, asian crush, and Dramafever are on Roku, but no where is Viki, alas. Seriously jealous of leeyanqi :slight_smile:

Oh, that sounds like a great idea!

Agreed - While I can still watch on my big screen TV, I have to plug an HDMI cable in from the laptop, would be nice if there was a ROKU channel like DF and others have.

VIKI has a lot of mobile apps now, any word about ROKU yet…

Any updated infor from VIKI if they are even developing an app for the ROKU.

I got a smart tv with viki app. Do you know how to sign in. I hate watching commercials when I have QC status… grrr.