Recomendaciones de kdramas

Hola :wave: no se si aquí se puede hablar en español pero que pereza escribir en ingles. Lo siento ese no es el tema :sweat_smile:. Vine aquí por alguna recomendación de un kdrama de comedia romántica porque acabo de terminar uno con final triste y me dejo muy mal :smiling_face_with_tear:. Entonces me quiero distraer; por si conocen alguno aquí los leo :grinning:

Sorry, no Spanish.

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Thanks for answer me :grinning:. I see the first episode of coffee princes and i loved :blush:. Thanks for the for the recommendations :wink:

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Hi I loved the directions just reading the synopsis you have good taste.

I wonder what is your taste (your preferred genre). And, I don’t know what are the dramas that you have watched already.

However, these are my recommendations for you:

1) Her Private Life

2) Suspicious Partner

3) Lawless Lawyer

4) Andante

I have tried to mix genres. The above dramas have comedy in them, and also thrill. I hope you enjoy them.

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Thank you :grinning:. I gonna see ‘‘Andante’’ first, thanks :wink: