Recommend me a new drama to see! + List of all drama that come out in 2020


I fell in love with the kdrama Stranger 2 and now I would be interested in seeing drama of the same genre.
Drama about corruption, law and political intrigue!
I don’t like mushy things very much, because I avoid those (romantic drama etc…).
I give you as a reference Stranger because it is the one that comes closest to my interests!
Thank you for reading!

Another drama that I liked so much to see and that you can find here on Viki is Tell Me What You Saw with Sooyoung and Jang Hyuk!
Very interesting.

I also find difficult which drama was the best in 2020! So many have come out and I immediately watched the ones I was interested in! Do you have a favorite drama?

I leave here the list of all kdrama and webdrama released this year!


  1. The King: Eternal Monarch
  2. Crash Landing On You
  3. Do You Like Brahms?
  4. Start-Up
  5. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
  6. Flower of Evil
  7. Record of Youth
  8. Backstreet Rookie
  9. Itaewon Class
  10. Extracurricular
  11. Born Again
  12. Hospital Playlist
  13. Dr. Romantic 2
  14. The World of the Married
  15. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
  16. Tale of the Nine-Tailed
  17. When The Weather is Fine
  18. Forest
  19. The Game: Towards Zero
  20. Memorist
  21. A Piece of Your Mind
  22. Kkondae Intern
  23. Find Me In Your Memory
  24. Mystic Pop-Up Bar
  25. Meow, the Secret Boy
  26. 18 Again
  27. When I Was Most Beautiful
  28. Train
  29. Alice
  30. More Than Friends
  31. Memorials
  32. Was It Love?
  33. Search
  34. The Good Detective
  35. Private Lives
  36. Kairos
  37. When My Love Blooms
  38. The School Nurse Files
  39. My Holo Love
  40. Kingdom 2
  41. Stranger 2
  42. Men are Men
  43. The Spies Who Loved Me
  44. Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny
  45. Once Again
  46. Dinner Mate
  47. Sweet Munchies
  48. Oh My Baby
  49. Hi Bye, Mama!
  50. Soul Mechanic
  51. My Unfamiliar Family
  52. Good Casting
  53. Graceful Friends
  54. Rugal
  55. Nobody Knows
  56. 365: Repeat the Year
  57. Tell Me What You Saw
  58. Hyena
  59. Missing: The Other Side
  60. Sweet Home
  61. Tell Me What You Saw
  62. Zombie Detective
  63. Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation
  64. My Dangerous Wife


  1. Love Revolution
  2. Twenty Twenty
  3. XX
  4. Best Mistake 2
  5. The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning
  6. Amanza
  7. The World of My 17
  8. Trap
  9. Kiss Goblin
  10. Pop Out Boy!
  11. Single & Ready To Mingle
  12. The Mermaid Prince (1)
  13. Real:Time:Love 3
  14. Dalgona
  15. Mr. Heart
  16. In Seoul 2
  17. My Fuxxxxx Romance
  18. DokGoBin Is Updating
  19. Gaduri Restaurant
  20. Where Your Eyes Linger
  21. Romance, Talking
  22. The Temperature Of Language: Our Nineteen
  23. Ending Again
  24. Big Picture House


“Suspicious partern”(in viki) fits your preferences but the romance is very present
Btw thank you for the list :smile:


Yeah, I watched that drama, kinda good but a bit boring in the middle :sweat_smile:
It was funny, mysterious and romantic at the same time, I like it ngl


Yes it’s true :sweat_smile:
(I didn’t watch them)
Flower of evil ?
Soloman’s perjury ?
The two are available on viki


I will try with flower of evil! How was it? Did you like it?



I think you’ll love it too. Is a drama with a lot of mystery involved and awesome action scenes, a lot of investigative work too. Main couple great in their roles. More than a 10.


Hi! I haven’t seen the dramas you mentioned, but thinking about corruption, these dramas came into my mind and yes well not all romance free, but maybe you want to try anyway. Access depends on your region.

Maybe there is something in the mix for you.


Thankyyyy, I’ll try with War or Prosecutors.


Tale of the Nine Tailed 2020 I think has intrigue
Not sure all of these are new but:
How about Suspicious Partner, Lawless Lawyer, Flower of Evil, While You Were Sleeping
DOTS, Dr Stranger, Healer, Another Oh Hae Young, Itaewon Class, Voice (I love Kim Jae Wook)
Vagabond, Tunnel, Possessed, Tempted, He is Psychometric, Abyss, Signal, Rugal, Extracurricular, Watcher, Nobody Knows, Tell Me What You Saw


Flower of Evil was one of the best dramas of 2020, hands down. It’s a true thriller romance, but quite violent, you have been warned.


I’ll do it! :purple_heart:


YAS!! Tell us your review of the drama once you’re done!!


Of course!!