Recommend shows like Slave Hunters / Chuno?

Hello everyone, I recently finished [Slave Hunters][1] and I’m going through a bit of withdrawal. Can anyone recommend anything similar?

The production value, acting, music, story and characters blew me away. And they did such a fantastic job straddling romance, drama, and action. I’m skeptical that I’ll be able to find anything quite like it or on par, but if you guys have any recommendations I’d greatly appreciate it.

I would like said:
Princess Ja Myung Go or Damo (2003).
If ever, you have a bunch of historical dramas who are really good as: Jumong (a classic), Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Empress Ki Queen Seok Duk, Strongest Chil Woo,…

If you are interested in sageuks check out The Sageuk Channel. My favorite is Jumong which starts things on our timeline. The show after that is by a different network but continues Jumong, The Kingdom of the Winds. Ja Myung Go is the third to continue the line. If me, I would prefer to watch the three in order, and have several times.

Jumong is available here with English hard subs. KOW has been translated to En and other languages.

Of course you can also peruse the list.

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Queen Seonduk by far. Really everyone’s so stellar. I liked Jumong too, but Queen Seonduk was beautiful and I still remember the acting. It was in 2009 or something too!!!

Thanks for the recommends, looking forward to checking them out!

One of the top 10 KDrama of all time, Dae Jang Geum (Jewel of the Palace). Here are the last 36 comments from the last episode, unedited:

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