Recommendations for Korean/Japanese beauty products


You get those on line? if they are from Korea no hope for me. I’ve seen great reviews of the snail content products that comes from their slimy part. Is that the same one?



Cheapest for USA if I had to pick ONE site is (bigclothcraft, cccosmetic etc. on ebay they have quite a few stores). They are California-based and I get my stuff in the other coast in a week. Free international shipping with tracking ALWAYS. Over 67,000+ ratings on ebay. They have Korean prices (for the most part). Other US based seller is beautysesh.

Ebay is the cheapest since many are free shipping if you wait a month.

Amazon is also quite decent.

I buy things I cannot find by requesting on beautyboxkorea. I asked them for another item and they are not stocking it yet. 1/2 right now. They also honor Korean prices so I request when things are in sale.

For sheet masks in USA you cannot get cheaper than I buy when they have box for 10, 15, or 20 sale.

But in general ebay is best internationally if the item is not on bbcosmetic.


Yes, online, on ebay. There are many good shops and they deliver quite fast to Europe. Shipping is often included,you have to pay for an insurance extra. The delivery needs around 3 weeks, only before Christmas, you have to wait a bit longer.

And yes, those products contain snail slime. I don’t want, that animals will be killed for beauty or suffer, so I have informed myself about the production. Snails are sensitive and if they are treated poorly, they will die and the quality of the slime decreases. So, those snail farmers keep them under good conditions. And if you think, well, it’s a snail, there are so many from them, you can only use a special kind of snail for the production and they must be big and old enough to “harvest” the slime. Time is money and it’s cheaper for the snail farmers to keep them sound, instead of killing them and growing up new ones.

The snail slime is even used in medical products, it helps healing burns and scars.

And if you say “ihhhhhh, that’s snail slime!” just take a look on other ingredients in skin care and beauty products. You will find pig collagen, lice blood, ingredients made of placenta or star fishes, sea cucumbers and many others.

The snail slime keeps your skin moist, but not sticky, it helps healing little flaws and pimples. My eldest daughter even uses Tony Moly lip balm with snail, she has very sensitive skin and suffers from many allergies, but this lip balm is the best for her.


It was 1 month ago (end of March 2018), if you have bought a product from this recalled cosmetics list (check the serial number and expiry date), better now than never:

The list with pics, serial number, expiry date:

>**Product recall in Korea:**


Try using Atom, thats what I use


What about SK-II product? An amazing product! :heart:


South Korean products are great, and they sell very expensive here in the US. You have to be careful though bc some products are not legitimate and can cause more harm than good. We always need to research products, and make sure we don’t put it on our face but select a part of our body and do a skin test. I tried a product once (Mary Kay), and I suffered consequences that left my face with acne scars bc the product was extremely oily and I have very oily skin too.


This is an interesting tread! I have also a sensitive skin, now with age it starts to be dryer, I have still a T zone skin. Since at least 6 years I use only either, goat milk soap, African soap and I found at moms the tar coal soap. I don’t use any other commercial face washes. I noticed that my skin likes soft water instead of hard (with calcium) water which is drying.
Perhaps once or every other week I do a mask with kaolin or any other earth mix will do.

In winter months I used just the Badger baby oil, they have also face oils, Badger is made in NH and is a family company. Burt Bees used to be more with natural ingredients but they sold their company to Clorox, so if you read labels you’ll find some other stuff.

It is important for dry skin or at least in winter months to apply first a toner, can be lavender or rose water or even hazel witch let it not completely dry and apply an lightweight moisturizer and if you need more a few drops of the natural face oil which will help you to retain the moisture in you skin or prevent your skin from outside to dry out…

Or just after a toner apply the lightweight face oil, you could make your own with jojoba oil as a carrier oil adding few drops of rosehips, calendula, rose and lavender… I think if you prefer Korean brands they should also have face oils…