Recommendations for Korean/Japanese beauty products

Now we got a coupon of Yesstyle as a QC gift what are your recommendations? I usually just buy things for in my hair there or other small stuff but never beauty products as I have a dry and a bit sensitive skin I find it a bit tricky. Also I don’t need to bleaching.

But so many nice products and my daily moisture bottle is almost empty, can use a good lip balm or some eye patches as I heard those are amazing etc…

So which beauty products are the must haves? Which are best to skip? Also feel free to suggest things that are not on yesstyle :slight_smile:


Didn’t you see in YESSTYLE the rice moisturizer? I heard wonders from rice creams/mask etc… It says is for wrinkles but the dermatologist suggested to my 26 yr old daughter to use wrinkle products bc they have ingredients that are not only for wrinkles but many other skin benefits. So please do look into that.

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How about buying Panda eye stick? I plan to buy it now. I believe it’s better than eye patch. Mask sheets are good. If you are afraid about sensitive skin, choose those that are suitable for sensitive skin or all skin types, for example, this mask sheet.

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What cosmetics should I use when I have dark spot? Does Yesstyle have products like that?

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Dudie do you have any ingredient sensitivities? What is the weather like in the Netherlands?

My favorite all around light-medium moisturizer (I have dry skin too) is the skinfood royal honey good moisturizing cream, but it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE on yesstyle. It should be no more than $13 dollars. I would recommend the CNP laboratory moisturizers from the Hydro line. It has the scientifically backed ratio of 1:1:3 lipid ratio of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids; that are proven to aid in moisture barrier repair.

I have heard many wonderful things about the DHC lip creams. If you have horrible lips like me the Arituam Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask really saved them. For eye patches I didn’t like most formulas but liked the Naisture gold diamond multipatch. But my eye bags aren’t really a problem so I didn’t buy it.

@angelight313_168 I learned at the reddit forum some “innocent” looking products could cause allergic reactions in some other people like sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, vitamin e… (in many things).

Dudie I heard good things about the Ordinary’s ECGC 5% and Caffeine solution. It’s like 5 dollars and the users say it really hydrated their eye area a lot. Some more local things for you since you are in Europe is the La Roche-Posay Redermic C Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizing Filler <= but I just looked at the ingredients and once again like most eye creams, they are not very different in formulation from any other cream.

A lot of people also seem to like things with hyaluronic acid, but if where you are is dry (New York for example is kindof dry save for summer), the ingredient will pull water from your skin and not the air, so you are drier than before. (the star ingredient in the LRP is hyaluronic acid and essential oils it looks like)

I also did a search for products similar to the Shiseido Benefiance (26 year old friend searched extensively for an eye cream because she found she had developed wrinkles and found it to be the most recommended). I didn’t want to spend so much money, so I found three similarly formulated products: dhc rich eye zone care pack, philosophy hope in a tube, and Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex (this is more expensive than shiseido…)

@trangle8507 I have fallen for that label “for sensitive skin.” There’s a makeup remover that had dyes (marketed for sensitive skin)!!! I’m not putting that anywhere near my eyes! And for some people sheet masks irritate more because of skin penetrating enhancers. I personally find centella asiatica really soothing.


Mentholatum - Rohto Melano CC Concentration Measures Essence. <= people seem to have some good effects with this vitamin c product.

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I’ll vouch for the panda eye stick. It’s very mild and cooling.

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Does that product really help with dark circles under eye area?

No – it just feels good. I don’t really have dark circles under my eyes. - But I can say that the panda eyestick did not cause any irritation. And it’s cute!

I didn’t see any in yesstyle for dark spots but I had dark spots and the only thing that took it away was the chemical peel my dermatologist gave me. They were mild peels and it worked wonders!. I recommend you watch Joankeem she has videos here and recommends products from all over the world too she also recommended rice products somewhere on episode 55,56 or 57 I don’t remember too well. But here is the link I love her products and I find some of the products here in New York.

Since …trangle8507 has dark spots I don’t recommend she use anything but doing chemical peels that did wonders for me and 2 of my kids that had a lot of dark spots bc their father, my ex has dark color skin and I am very light skinned and for some reason they developed this very dark spots on their face and even in the body (neck and arms).

My oldest daughter 40 years old (I had her when I was 16 years old) had to use dermabrasion combined with chemical peels bc hers were after her pregnancy (she got married at 22 and gave me 3 beautiful grandkids). She did her treatment a couple of years ago in Florida where she lives.

My boy 33 years old used something in his face for his acne and it caused more acne and severe dark spots. He went to my dermatologist who gave him a higher dose of chemical peel and his skin is now beautiful and soft like a baby.

For dark spots and knowing from the many ppl who had them (not only me and my kids) I know the best way to go is chemical peels at a dermatologist office only. Under no circumstances buy chemical peels on line is too dangerous!

Chemical peels are scary and not for everyone when your skin is not ready for it. There is a lot of evidence for using exfoliating acids (alpha hydroxy-acids and beta hydroxy acids), but these tend to be very drying!!! If your moisture barrier is not up to par and you are eager with acids you can overexfoliate, compromise your moisture barrier then…anything you put on can be extremely irritating. In fact some have such great penetrability our skin is prone to being pigmented from them! (like glycolic acid. Mandelic Acid is a bigger AHA and a bit more gentle. Lactic Acid seems to be the most popular ingredient to use for cosmetics companies.)

Even if your skin is wonderfully hydrated, one needs to work up to higher concentrations of acids. The comments on youtube by first time acid users who decided to go for 8% resulting in chemical burns!!! on their hands let alone their face showed me you need to be slow and deliberate. If @trangle8507 is interested in acids I suggest she use something very weak and build up. The CosRx or Mizon acids are great for this. However… it could end up being too weak for her/him. Since there was a lot to consider I didn’t recommend acids at all as it could just be expensive water… I am currently using Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (BHA - salicylic acid) and CosRx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid (but this may be expensive water… I bought it because $11 for 100mL). If I can recommend anyone BHA or any one AHA to start, I would recommend the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant and for AHA I would recommend the Garden of Wisdom 2% Mandelic alcohol-free toner. Like me when you start an acid, start once a week or every two weeks until you can take it and then move on to once a week then 2x per week. Some people will find that is enough or maybe will need to have more frequent use, so some work up to daily use, such as ( Alli has a very intense acids regimen.

And unfortunately you cannot buy dermatological peels!!! on yesstyle! Most importantly a dermatologist is not included!!! (I am sure your dermatologist used some form of AHA or BHA, which science says is effective against hyperpigmentation).

Additionally if anyone is thinking of using alpha hydroxy acids, they must use a sunscreen daily. In fact all of this is absolutely useless unless you wear a sunscreen daily. I love love love the cosmo monster aqua gel sunscreen spf 50+ pa +++. AHA is photosensitizing so an spf of at least 30 is recommended daily. This is why I put on mine at night.

I have a lot of spotting (freckles? but a bit different than this) across my cheek area because I didn’t put on any sunscreen for 22 years. The surefire way of getting rid of this hyperpigmentation is lasers. I am not spending 3,000 USD or more on 4 rounds of lasers. They also do not sell laser treatments in yesstyle. If I had 3000 to play with I would go on vacation somewhere and keep my sun damage.

I personally had great experience with vitamin C. L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the type that all the research was most extensively done can help encourage our skin to build more ordered collagen. However it could be mildly irritating and slightly exfoliating. The biggest con of L-Ascorbic Acid is that it needs to be at a low pH to be effective. Again you do not want to attempt these products with a compromised moisture barrier. Melano CC is a very gentle vitamin C derivative that isn’t dependent on pH or oxidation. This is why I recommended this product to Trangle. To put your skin at a low enough pH, people use low pH cleansers or a pH adjusting toner. L-AA is most effective at pH of 2-4. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic uses a pH of I think 2.43. This is patented by the scientist who wrote the paper and then made his own skincare company, which is why this is so so so expensive. Vitamin E and ferulic acid further stabilize the formula. When vitamin C oxidizes it is useless and some evidence shows could cause more skin damage via radicals. However we are in 2017. There are at least three other companies (timeless, nufountain, sidmool, drunk elephant) that made formulations that have these three ingredients in it. I saw that the Timeless version of 20% vitamin C is on sale at Amazon. I elected for a different vitamin C when I needed one because it was $24 not $16 (right now timeless is 16 for 30mL). I use andalou naturals tumeric + c enlighten serum because it was cheap and when I asked others who used this product they said it was effective in fading their hyperpigmentation. I noticed this fades not only that but also my new redness that occurs after acne (postinflammatory erythema). It is pretty easy to spread not gross, I do not have to worry about pH (as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is not pH dependent nor oxidizes). However it is only soluble in oils, so I use it right after my facial oil. I use this every three days because vitamin C stays on the skin for up to 72 hours. We suspect that there is at least 10-15% MAP in this product, but the company, Andalou Naturals will not disclose this. MAP also can convert to L-AA to have those nice collagen building effects, but it is less studied and what % is converted is unknown. I don’t particularly have collagen loss concerns at my age, so I am perfectly happy with this vitamin C solution.

Another thing about L-AA is the minute it touches water it is unstable. The science lies in how to keep it stable. This is why vitamin C is tricky and companies like to charge a lot for it, even though vit C is cheap! The other product besides the Melano CC (am interested because it made bruising fade said one user and it’s super cheap), I would recommend is the Proud Mary 45% Vit C. It has arbutin higher up and a form of stable vit C. It has a lot of growth factors which…could be magic. :stuck_out_tongue: I am interested in those growth factors for my pocking. Others also had great experience with the Scinic All in One Honey Ampoule. There are also a lot of raves about the Swanicoco Fermentation Care Serum which I have also been eyeing for a very very long time. They say it’s very brightening.


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Let’s look into the panda stick more, I almost bought it once but I wasn’t sure.
Will look at all other suggestions too.

@sophie2you the weather in the Netherlands… what can I say then it’s hot, then it’s cold, then it rains the whole day and then it doesn’t rain for a week. On my face I have to be careful with products that contain to much fragrance and alcohol. And yes sometimes sensitive skin products doesn’t mean much… I once had a sheetmask specially for sensitive skin it was with sea salt of the deadly sea (or how it’s called) and it caused an allergic reaction. It wasn’t due the salt because I used more products with contain that. But the scent was really strong so maybe it was because of that.

I love Asian sheetmasks and so far they all worked well… the one I thatg ave me an allergic reaction was a non asian sheetmask.

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The ones I found on search for no scent and were used a lot by normal skin types were:
CosRx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap, Etude House Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion, and the J.One Jelly Pack.

Look into the reviews and see if you like them. As for Asian sheet masks I enjoyed the Etude House Air Therapy 0.2mm in Ceramide, and my holy grail is Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution EX (for soothing). Neither are strongly fragranced.

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@sophie2you @angelight313_168 thanks for your recommendations. I think people with oily skin like me is okay with chemical peel. There are some terrible rumors in the internet. Some people said that it made them got more pimples. Do you guys know about Burt bee products which make from natural ingredients? But it seems not actually famous (not sure)

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Is that true that in South Korea there’s a dermatologist’s clinic where people come to get a better skin? I really wish there’s something like that in the U.S.

I think if your skin is healthy and well moisturized of course this is fine. If someone’s skin is already used to it I see no problem. I think I also did acid peels for my acne at the dermatologist’s office. But right now my skin is normal and it will be way too drying.

What BHA and AHA both do is help the skin shed faster that means the stuff that is underneath will come up faster too so the acne that looks like it will peek through will of course come to head faster, this is called purging. But acne is more related to stress than skincare more makeup products so… it can be caused by absolutely anything!

Natural is an interesting word…everything is natural. Science says the active ingredient is what gives anything it’s “power.” If there are no preservatives then things will go bad and everything is a chemical if you look at it, so… this word “natural” anyone can claim it. I have used some burts bees products in the past. They are great unless you have allergies to orange peel, linalool, limonene (things like this). These do not bother me.

Derms are everywhere!!! But thanks to nationalized healthcare, Korean doctors are incentivized (by the economy) to perform procedures that aren’t covered by insurance!! DING DING DING! A lot of these procedures fall under that umbrella. I know there are derms that do these procedures with lasers (fraxel for example) all around the world! It’s not exclusive to one country. However it is likely your derm knows more about scary diseases like flesh eating disease rather than simple skin concerns like acne as those deadly diseases like sexually transmitted diseases might kill you (some of them).

Once I learned that some procedures I wanted to do required my skin to be peeled off (microdermabrasion for example), I was less eager to save up for these.

Where in US you live? My dermatologist is great the peel she gives is from natural products and she has 4 clinics 2 in Queens 2 in Brooklyn. The only thing you will hate is the wait bc she has a lot of patients. People come from abroad to see her.

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@angelight313_168 I live in Oklahoma City.
@sophie2you I watched this video to know about Korean skin treatment from dermatologist.

Hi Dudie, I have dry and sensitive skin, too.
And I use daily the Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream. It’s light, provides moisture, good for sensitive skin. In winter I mix it with Scinic Facial Oil Cream, this keeps the moisture into the skin. For cleaning, I use the Mizon Cleansing Snail Foam, your skin gets clean, but is not dry. And the Mizon AHA Tonic Cleanser. And I love the Vanedo Gold Sheetmask, as I have “ripe” skin, (I’m 49) it needs a bit more moisture and care.

For Suncare, I can recommend the Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk, it has SPF 45 and is perfect for the face, a very light and not greasy Sun Essence. Missha is a bit expensive, but I can also recommend Secret Key, Snail Repairing Sun Cream with SPF 50, it’s light and not so greasy, too. I hate those suncares, which leave a kind of “white film” on the skin, most of the organic ones have such ingredients.

For my hands I use Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream, a rich cream with a great smell and great for the skin. And sometimes I use the Secret Key Steam Cream with Argan Oil and Wildroses Fragance. While getting older, my skin started to develop dark spots. And I use the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Pack, this is a very light Gel-Cream, with a light fragance, it prevents those dark spots and it prevents pimples, too.

From time to time, I use from Mizon the intensiv ampoules, a kind of health cure for the skin.

Beauty products, I can recommend are the Holika Jewel Lights Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils. They come in different colours and I prefer Crystal Black, it’s not such a harsh black, and I love silver and Rose. You can accentuate and light up the corners of the eyes. I have tried many mascaras, but I prefer the light ones. I hate those lashes, which reminds on legs of flys or spiders and prefer a natural look. So I can recommend A’Pieu No Messy Mascara, not waterproof, but it doesn’t smear. And A’Pieu Pro Curling Mascara.