Recruiting Ko-En translators for Queen Insoo

Queen Insoo is a great story about Queen Insoo (Chae Shi Ra) dreaming of becoming the most powerful ruler in the Chosun Dynasty. But Queen Junghee (Kim Mi Sook) and deposed Lady Yoon (Jeon Hye Bin) have the same ambitions. When the three power-hungry women use the people around them to get ahead, can they all get what they want? “Queen Insoo” is a 2011 South Korean historical drama series directed by Lee Tae Gon.

As far as I know, this drama has not been translated past the first 10 or 15 episodes in the past so even though it is a few years old it will now be available for the first time to many more people. Viki was able to obtain this drama from the content owner along with English subs for the first 10 episodes. We have started segmenting beyond that point and are now ready to get a Ko-En team going. If you have the skills please contact me. Please do not just try to jump in and start subbing.

I have watched the first few episodes already and it looks like it will be a good one.

Moderators for other languages are listed on the channel Community Wall.

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We have a few volunteers so we just need a few more. Your En skills don’t have to be perfect. This is a great story!

…Still looking for help!!!

Hi Lancruiser, I started watching Queen Insoo recently with Eng subtitle. However I could not finish the episode as the subtitle disappeared towards the latter part. Is there anything I can do or a place where I can find subtitles for the rest of this drama?
Un fortunately, I don’t know Korean, I only know English and French but I don’t know if such knowledge is of any assistance to you.
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It is difficult to find enough translators for on-air dramas who can work with the older Korean language used in a historical drama. It is also more difficult for n older show like QI. Subtitles were recently completed through episode 27. We have one good translator who has done most of the work that is committed to continue it but sometimes she is tied up with other things and can’t move on it too quickly. I have tried to recruit other help but so far only a few offered to help but found it too difficult.

When this show aired it was not licensed by Viki or any other group that might have translated it so at this point I know of no place where you can watch the rest of it. Of course as soon as we do get it finished on Viki you can be sure to see it in other places once they steal our subtitles.

All I can suggest at this time is to not expect quick progress and to check back from time to time. I will continue to try to get help for it.