RECRUITING Language Mods for the kdrama "Good Casting"


Because there is no greek moderator yet we need to wait until someone who wants to moderate this drama. If you know someone who is experienced than you can ask her/him.
All information is on the coverpage :slight_smile:



We desperatly need translators who can translate from korean-english!!!
(Please check beforehand if you have access to the drama as well)

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Hi, I’m looking to help with korean captioning and korean to english subs. But, I don’t have a viki pass so I was wondering if I would still have any chance with applying?


If you cannot access the show even as a viewer, of course you cannot also work on it.


Hi, I am interested in subbing from Korean/English to Serbian/Croatian. Please let me know if you need my help!


Yes, i.m interested to translate from english to romanian and vice versa.


I will write a PN to both of you.


We also recruit active korean-english subbers!!! Please write me PN.


hi there, i’m interested in subbing from english to hindi. Please let me know :slight_smile:


Hello i just need a little bit more to become a QC and access the drama but i would like to translate from english to latin or korean to english please let me know!!:slight_smile:


Unfortunately we don’t have a hindi moderator. Please ask an experienced mod who can build a team.

@sugaswifewashere I wrote you already a PN.


I’m still navigating the volunteer part of Viki so I’m not sure if this recruiting is over yet but I can help subtitle from Korean to English! I’m also new to subtitling! Thanks.


bump :green_heart:


Are you looking for an English editor? Before the other languages start on the translation? I just finished Something Happened in Bali and really enjoyed it. I followed behind the KOR-ENG translator and localized, including idioms, slang, construction (grammar and punctuation), and am looking for something like this again.

Thanks in advance,


The drama is already translated and edited in English if that’s what you mean.
All information are on the coverpage :blush:


Oii! Tudo bem?

Sou nova por aqui e tenho interesse em legendar do inglês para português. Obrigada!


I desperately need Polish AND Hungarian Subbers, please write me asap with min. 3k subs!
The episodes are subbed until 13 (polish has 9% on Ep 13) so we need only to sub from 14 to 16 which is an fast work. Thank you for any help and reply! :relaxed:

PS: I also need subbers for those languages which are already started but has much more work left: Turkish, Finish & Serbian.



Here is the update:

Languages Moderators
Arabic hmk_201288_223 (100%)
French sakura_912 & tiiva (100%)
German rose_shn (100%)
Hungarian rock_cherry_ (Subbed until Ep 13. We need help!)
Indonesian gesti_lagi (100%)
Korean vhana_lee & gecziamalia (100%)
Italian irmar (100%)
Polish ayu_na (Subbed until Ep 13. We need help!)
Portuguese machadosteff & kookiemarii (100%)
Romanian tony83n_283 & _taeko10 (100%)
Serbian-Croatian jelena_sokic (100%)
Spanish andy_a4 & rumble95 (100%)

Subbers without a moderator
(Needs to have at least experience with min. 1k subs!)
Turkish: ozzy, cherrypie7 (We need YOU!)
Finish: jutskuu95 (We need YOU!)
Serbian: daca_daca (We need YOU!)

Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Our Polish mod was active 7 months ago so I really need subbers for the Polish subs, please write me a PM! We also need Hungarian subbers so please write me here also a message, thank you :blush: