RECRUITING Language Mods for the kdrama "Good Casting"

Hey guys!
We are in need of other language moderator’s for my drama “Good Casting”. Please write me a PN if you’re interested! :blush:

We already have:

Arabic =
Finish =
French =
German =
Indonesian =
Korean = &
Italian =
Polish =
Portuguese = &
Romanian = &
Serbian-Croatian =
Spanish = &

If you want to sub pls write your respected moderator :heart:
And if your language isn’t represented then please write a QC with experience to be moderator who can manage the team =)

Much love and have a wonderful day,
Rose :rose:

EDIT: We already have two TE’s, CE’s, and a Chief Segmenter :grin:


Hi there, I am interested in subbing from Korean to English. Please let me know!


If you need, I would be willing to help with the segmentation but I don’t have any experience. Would it be okay ?
Hopefully you will help me get started.

Thank you and have a nice day!

As a segmenter you must have graduated from Ninja Academy or Seg101.
If you have any question’s click on the link: SEGMENTERS PLEASE VISIT HERE! Some Helpful Advice for Current and Potential Aspiring Segmenters
There you will find many good site’s to learn from.

@schnoop: I will write you a PN.


I was at this moment reading the topic you shared and I read all about the Seg 101 and I will apply.
I´m really sorry for bothering you (and others that I sent a private message). I didn’t know how this worked at all.

Thank you so much for sharing and hopefully someone who is lost like me will find this.

Have a nice day !! :slight_smile:

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Np problem, dear! Everyone will start from the ground so don’t be shy if you have any problem’s :blush:


I am intrested!! :slight_smile: I speak Hungarian, English and German. ( Hungarian is my motherlanguage) Please let me know, if i can work with u! Thank you, have a nice day !! :slight_smile:

I will write you a PN.

Hi there!
I can help with writing Greek subtitles as I’m fluent on both English and Greek.
Please let me know :slight_smile:

Because there is no greek moderator yet we need to wait until someone who wants to moderate this drama. If you know someone who is experienced than you can ask her/him.
All information is on the coverpage :slight_smile:



We desperatly need translators who can translate from korean-english!!!
(Please check beforehand if you have access to the drama as well)

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Hi, I’m looking to help with korean captioning and korean to english subs. But, I don’t have a viki pass so I was wondering if I would still have any chance with applying?

If you cannot access the show even as a viewer, of course you cannot also work on it.

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Hi, I am interested in subbing from Korean/English to Serbian/Croatian. Please let me know if you need my help!

Yes, i.m interested to translate from english to romanian and vice versa.

I will write a PN to both of you.

We also recruit active korean-english subbers!!! Please write me PN.

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hi there, i’m interested in subbing from english to hindi. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Hello i just need a little bit more to become a QC and access the drama but i would like to translate from english to latin or korean to english please let me know!!:slight_smile:

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