Recruiting moderators for japanese drama "Noble Boys"

Hi! :smiley:

I’m Pau, Channel Manager for the japanese drama “Noble Boys”.
The expected start date is October 22 and it has 18 episodes.

I’m currently recruiting language moderators for this drama, if you’re interested, please send me a pm.

Languages that already have a moderator are:
Dutch: mirjam_465
Greek: 5thangel
German: a_hauth_238
Hungarian: xialongne112
Italian: bluenoona81
Portuguese: cerejacult
Romanian: sandia28
Spanish: pauher_02_298 & cariby06

Have a great week!
Pau :heart:


Hi Pau!
Hope you are doing well. I have not enough experience to be a moderator but if you find a french moderator, I do speak english and french and I have good basic knowledge in japanese so I am looking to work preferably on a japanese drama to help with subtitles.:hugs:
So if someone is interested by this king of profil, please give him/her my name.
Good luck for your search.:+1:
Sabuchan :kissing_heart:

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Hey if you need a Hindi Mod please contact me.