Recruiting segmenters & Chinese/English translators [ShenZhen Roommates, You Light Up My Star]

Hi guys, I have fan channels going for two currently airing Taiwan/China dramas I’d love some more help with.

Please message me if you’re interested in segmenting and/or translating to English. Please include what you’d like to help with and on which show(s).

(If you’d like to translate to another language, please check the drama page for moderators to message. If there’s no mod and you’d like to be mod or sub, feel free to also message me.)

  1. Shenzhen Roommate Diaries
    Starring Show Luo in his first drama since Hi, My Sweetheart, along with mainland actress, Mao Jun Jie and the super adorable Gui Gui. Episodes are roughly half an hour; there are 42 episodes expected. Being a mainland drama (but no dubbing, hallelujah!), it’s set to finish airing in about two weeks. The more help, the merrier XD

  2. You Light Up My Star
    Joe Cheng plays an actor facing depression, at an odds with his career so far. Costarring Janine Chang, Summer Meng, Sunny Wang. Airs once a week; 7 episodes already aired, and we’ve subbed 4 or 5 so far. The show’s a bit more intense than some TW dramas; kind of twisted, but interesting, and there’s a fair amount of lighter moments after episode 3 ^^

Thank you! :]

Let’s Go Watch The Meteor Shower Again

There’s huge chunks of English subs missing starting from Episode 21 of Let’s Go Watch The Meteor Shower Again. Not just the two last episodes needed subbing. I don’t want to skip episodes to get to English subbed ones. I want to watch it all through :x