Recruiting segmenters & other language translators for TW-drama [The Pursuit of Happiness]

The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道

A GTV drama set to premiere on TTV Oct. 11 2013, starring Sonia Sui (The Fierce Wife, PS Man) and Tony Yang (Wishing for Happiness, Love Forward). The show is about Ji An Lei, whose life just got flipped around - her promotion is taken away, her boyfriend leaves her, and she gets an unwanted roommate. Meanwhile he’s come all the way from Japan to win the love of his dream girl, and so the two join forces to rescue their happiness!

Still looking for segmenters.
Translator (all languages) and moderator (except for Spanish, Indonesian) positions also up for grabs.

Leave a comment if you’d like to help and I’ll message you.

I can help to subtitle from English to Spanish :slight_smile:

I can also help from English to Spanish :slight_smile: And what does a page designer have to do? I can maybe help out if you need any.

Bump. Still looking for segmenters to help out.

Planning to have the videos up Friday, 4-5 PM CDT (as long as things go smoothly).
Fan channel, but not sure if we’ll be using DM or YT videos yet.

Comment below if interested!

I can help with translation english to indonesian if you need

Final bump, and I’ll leave this topic alone. Promise XD
Hoping to get a few more helpers though.

The Pursuit of Happiness had its premiere a few days ago.

Episode 1 is fully subbed in English for your perusal. Spanish and Indonesian subs in progress.

Still looking for segmenters & other language translators /moderators.
Comment here or message me for more info if you’d like to help.

If you still need translators, I can do english to german.