Recruiting segmenters , please help us!

hi, please help us segmenters needed !! thanks !
if u are interested in subtitling or moderator please contact me


  • ngone8

What does a moderator do,? if it does not involve segmenting I am game. on the subject of segmenting, I have continuously tried to get trained but to date I haven;t been taken up on my offer,

a moderator takes care of the subtitles in a particular language .

thank you.

Language mods usually coordinate their subbers and stuff.

With segmenting… Have you ever tried it out? It’s not so difficult that you need training per se.

I can help :smiley: im not that experienced but im willing to try

I can help for segment, but I can’t do it soon.
If you not in such rush. I’ll help you. Please let me know.
Thank you.

If you need segmenters, I can help! Send me a PM Thanks :smiley:

I can help even though I must warn you that I have never tried before