Recruiting subbers for heart is beating

Hello there, :stuck_out_tongue: We are recruiting subbers for a Korean Variety show Heart is Beating!! YAY!!

We do not take into much consideration of your experience because you have to get experience to have experience, right? I know how it feels when people say you can’t join their team because you are not “experienced enough”, so I’m not going to pull that on you <3

So don’t hesitate to ask! You just have to contribute to the subbing, not just put your name on the home page! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all <3

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Hi there! I’d love to help but I am not familiar with Korean and can only help to translate English to Simplified Chinese (简体中文)! Hope that is oK!

Hello… I can help with Eng-Spanish subs… Feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

hi i can help translating english to indonesian… hope i can help

Hello I can help with English to Spanish subs. I would love to help

hi, i can translate eng to french, so don’t hesitate.

Hi. I can help with English to Spanish.

hi, I’d like to help with Korean-English translation.

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I can help with English to Italian subs! :slight_smile:

Hi I can help with English- Portuguese translation