Recurring well-known pieces of (classic) music


lindo! amei a melodia…


Here I am again with a question. I would be pleased about your help.
This time it is the piano piece from the kdrama Rich Man Poor Woman. For example in episode 6 at 00:34:00
Thank you


Why don’t you place a link in your comment?


Ehrlich gesagt sind die Einbettungen mir manchmal zu groß, aber jetzt hab ich eine Möglichkeit gefunden.

RichManPoorWoman Ep6


Könnte von Edvard Grieg sein Peer Gynt - Solveighs Lied


Ja, das ist es! Vielen Dank.
Und ich bleibe ein hoffnungsloser Fall.

Isn’t there an app that recognizes music tracks? Shazam?


Ach, was … Es ist immer nur abhängig davon wo die Interessen liegen. Ich war ein großer Norwegen-Fan in meinen +/-20-igern, da hatte ich so ziemlich alles verschlungen was mit dem Land zu tun hatte, Reiseführer, Musik - Grieg, Bücher - Knut Hamsun und Schauspiele von Henrik Ibsen, usw. …
Dafür weißt du bestimmt was, was ich nicht weiß, alles gut.


Music Dramas are always so slow paced that it always feels so boring !!!
@lutra @nenekgoyang99_349 wbu ??


Hm? What? What do you mean? This thread is about classical music pieces used in “everyday dramas”

And what about wbu? I have my troubles with abbreviations.

Are you sure about the other ID, since it is inactive?


I love this Lied when it’s sung beautifully like this.


Who knows this piece at the beginning?
Your Honor, ep 1


Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni

A beautiful piece.


You are grand, thank you so much.

With my ignorance and your knowledge, this will become a music library.


You are very welcome. These are just some of music pieces that I happen to know and love. :smile:


This was quite unforeseen :grinning: :

Очи чёрные:

Artificial City, within the first two episodes


… and the second classic piece from this series, thanks to YT users:


May he rest in peace.

Perfect choreograph for this piece!