[Reminder] Channel Manager Selection Update

Dear Viki Community Members,

We’re reaching out to announce that the new feature update for Channel Manager Selection and Channel approval will launch on Monday, May 22nd (PST).

As Viki rapidly grows, we continue to seek new ways to make your experience even better. We’ve heard your concerns, and over the past few months, have developed a new system for Channel Manager Selection and Channel approval. We’re excited to roll out this new feature update because it would streamline the current application processes, and ultimately make our valued community members’ experience even easier.

As a reminder, the new system will consist of five (5) main changes:

  • Every month, new channels will be pre-created by Viki before shows are slated to air, so users will no longer need to submit channels.
  • To be a Channel Manager, users will apply through a form found on a show or movie’s Channel Page and will be selected by Viki staff.
  • There will be a 2-week window to apply to be a Channel Manager.
  • Only QCs and Gold QCs can apply to be a Channel Manager.
  • Only Viki staff can add Channel Managers and Co-Channel Managers/a second Channel Manager.

Users will be able to find open channels in the Project Finder, on a specific tab called “Channel Manager Applications.”

Please note that for streamlining purposes, all users who have previously submitted Channels will need to apply to the newly created channels.

Please check out our Channel Creation/Channel Manager Selection FAQ:


Viki Community Team

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