Remove Watch History Please

Why was this feature added?

I don’t want people to snoop on what I’ve been watching. I thought watch history was PRIVATE until I saw it on my profile page.

Is there a way to DISABLE or REMOVE it from my profile?

No privacy whatsoever!

Are we forced to “Clear History” every time we leave viki?

I went on your profil and some profils of friends on viki and I couldn’t see their “history”. The “watch history” on your profil can only been see by you (it’s like a shortcup). And, it’s not like you watch porno here so, I don’t know why your do a “disaster” about it.
In fact, I love that Viki add it because sometime, I don’t know in which episode I’m in which drama. (I don’t have dramalist so…)


Omona! Such a juicy comment. :joy:

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Closed, because this isn’t even a thing.

However, there’s another thread about the watch history feature for anyone who wants to discuss it more.