Request for a celebrity profile for Jin Dong


Jin Dong is an accomplished Chinese actor with an extensive body of work, and a hunk. Anyone who has watched Nirvana In Fire and the Disguiser can attest to that fact.

Is there a possibility to add a celebrity profile to Viki for him? Who is the go-to-person to speak to about this?

I am a fan of his, and would love to see a page on which other fans can discuss his works, and of course his “hunkness”.

Thank you.


Of course there is a way to add a celebrity profile for Jin Dong! No, you do not go to someone when you submit a drama/movie channel or actor/actress profile. You will go the community section of Viki, scroll all the way down, and click the “Start Submission” box. Follow the instructions from there.

Link to the community section -

Good luck! :wink:


Fantastic :ok_hand:!
Thanks for your response; I’ll get on it right away.
Have a nice day :smile:!


Have a good one. :slight_smile:


Did this work, is that the reason he has a profile up on Viki?




Okay :rofl::joy: I absolutely love the guy too, and his work :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:


:heavy_heart_exclamation: Jin Dong :heavy_heart_exclamation::film_projector::performing_arts::film_strip::clapper::movie_camera::heavy_heart_exclamation:
Click each tab, the videos are :star_struck:


How about you edit the topic, and take out the “Request for a celebrity profile”? Make it a Thread about Jin Dong. :wink::ok_hand:t5::handshake: