Request more philippines dramas

Now that VIKI is adding Philippines Dramas. I was thinking why don’t we try request more of them.
I know that the Philippines Dramas from ABS-CBN are more popular, especially because of their Love Teams: Kathniel, Jadine and Lizquen.

But GMA Network also have good Dramas. As you know “My Love From The Stars(Philippine Version)” and “The One That Got Away”, are from GMA Network.
Last year their Drama “Kambal, Karibal” (Link:,_Karibal) was a huge success.
There is another one called “My Korean Jagiya” ( with
Alexander Lee(ex U-KISS member). I think many VIKI subscribers will like this one.

What you guys think?

Although ABS-CBN Dramas are more popular, I heard that his hard to get the license(but we can try), since they have a streaming that provide all their Dramas with English Subtitles for International Fans.
I know that many here want to watch “On The Wings Of Love”(we can try this one).

Although GMA Network are less popular, I guess it’s more easy to get the license that’s why we have two of them being translate. We can keep with the GMA Dramas, maybe they will have more chance to be license here.

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That would be nice.