Resctricted License on K-dramas lately

So, after King of High School, there is The Three Musketeers. And now I found out that Tomorrow’s Cantabile has the same fate!

I’m really frustrated now. It’s like, it’s more and more difficult to watch k-dramas on Viki - not to mention to work on it!
It’s a good thing we have some great segmenters who live in Europe but it’s hard to find subbers who are living outside the USA.

Viki, I hope you do realise that the Korean-English subbers live in the USA, mostly?
How can you purchase a license when it is hard for the volunteers to work on it?

End of rant


Noo!!! Not for Nodame too! I’m from Europe so I can see it anyway but the subbing will be a problem again :frowning:

Dudie, I checked the channel using zenmate since I’m out of the region, so obviously QCs outside the region don’t get access. With zenmate, I could see that the channel is open for UK region, but is blocked for the US region.
Dramafever claims they have the exclusive rights.
So this time Viki lost to dramafever, after lost to TV Soompi ( for The Three Musketeers.

Sigh. The Three Musketeers’ nightmare comes alive again.
Aaaaaarrrrgghhh… I was so looking forward to seg this drama!

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ARGH! Well at least it’s something. I’m still waiting for more info for Greatest Marriage, so far all Viki told me is that they don’t know a thing so I have been asking people to fill in the form so Viki might at least look into it but no idea if that helped so far :worried:

And what makes it more annoying is that the other site is taking their time with the subs… 2+ days.

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