Restore content filtering on Roku and any-other apps effected

you can not search by region or genre anymore on the Viki Roku App. updated interface. If users can not properly search for and organize new content the app is essentially unusable please reenable this functionality


Yeah i have to log into the website and add to watchlist. I doubt theyre gonna change it back.

All i get on the roku qre chinese dramas and variety thai/chinese variety shows and im just not into them. And i cant bring up a big list to search, if you search korea/korean it only shows titles with that in it.

Ive had viki ever since dramafever went down and this has made me cancel my premium

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for there part
Our team is aware of the feedback from the new Roku Channel update:

  • No Explore feature to search for shows and filter results with genre, country, etc.
  • Autoplay does not work
  • The next episode button is missing from the video page
  • Episodes are sorted from oldest to newest

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and please bear with us while our team looks into making improvements. Updates


Thanks mj, I almost always access Viki via Roku and I was worried that the filters were removed intentionally, as part of a design change. I’m happy to find that it’s just a coding error. I am only interested in Japanese dramas - at least right now while I study Nihongo - and without the ability to filter by country it’s like trying to find a teardrop in an ocean.:woozy_face:


I see this update was Feb 14th. I just resubscribed after an absence to find the Viki app on Roku virutally unusable and no fixes or updates in months. I just unsubscribe after one day. You guys got me for a month. You won’t get another. Get your app fixes and keep your customers updated.

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see that other post about Roku& Viki

I’m happy to report that with the latest Roku app update which you may have to initiate manually I’m going to setting system and system update After many many months of agonizing Vicki seems to have listen to reason restored filtering through the new Explore tab in the Roku app which also includes a new show filter

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finally completely fixed with latest update explore now has categories

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