"Return" is an insult to Kdrama lovers and humanity itself!


If you have read any of my posts, then you know that I absolutely adore Kdrama, although some of them are stuck in the past with how women and children are treated.

“Return” unfortunately goes beyond any human decency – it tramples all over it in fact – by portraying women as mere sexual objects, whose lives are pretty much worthless.

In the first episode one of the characters smashes a bottle on a woman’s head, leaving her face a bloody mess.
Not like the men have it any better, as they take pleasure in cutting themselves and demanding drugs.

While all over the world issues of equality and sexual abuse are being brought up, I find it absolutely appalling that such disgusting material has found its way on Viki.
Yes, things like these do happen in the real world, but “Return” is not a documentary on worldwide issues.

If the point was to bring everyone back to the Stone Age, when women were clobbered on the head and then taken to some dingy cave, while the men took pleasure in harming one another, then congratulations !!
We are de-evolving !! :triumph: :disappointed: :cry:


Surprisingly, I’ve had this drama recommended when I asked for a serious drama with a strong female character (Go Hyun Jung).

The drama had been in news recently for less than gracious exit of its main actress. Indeed, although unverified and potentially only a hear-say, it seems Go Hyun Jung objected to low on-screen time of her and the character of her companion, which had been used instead to portray better the (four?) villains. Probably those were exactly the same characters you are talking about, those who torture women.

On a general note, I had always been torn between portraying violence on TV as a means of pointing to the problem itself, or is it merely for the sake of thrilling the viewers, gluing them to the screen? Or even worse, giving someone ideas.

When it comes to Viki making a mistake when choosing this drama, we have to bear in mind that the process of acquiring the licence for a drama sometimes starts even a year in advance, when the only thing known about it are perhaps the actors and one measly sentence of what the drama is approximately going to be about. This particular drama is still in the process of being shot. Meaning, Viki probably didn’t know the course the storyline would take.

But bear in mind, I know its sucks and I’m not trying to excuse this choice.


I completely understand what you are saying, but what is there to point out? There is absolutely no need to bring up issues that happen in front of our very eyes. Clearly, this was not the purpose. Just watch the first episode, and if you can sit still, with no desire to jump inside the screen to put an end to the mindless abuse and sub-human treatment that some of those characters receive, then maybe I am just exaggerating.

That’s something I would never watch. I stopped watching K-dramas bc they always portray the woman as a drunken, dumb poor thing that a rich CEO falls in love and takes her out of her miserable life. What bothers me more is to see great actress accepting this type of roles.


I had this on my list of dramas to watch for the same reason. I guess I’ll be taking it off now.


I know… But there is one drama that breaks conventions, and that is High Society. The roles are reversed, as UEE is the rich girl who falls for the poor yet determined guy. The other couple – Yes, the only Kdrama with 2 main couples – seems archaic at first, but soon become absolutely adorable. Seeing them made me cry like a little baby… Good stuff !! Highly recommended !!

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Thanks, I saw High Society but didn’t finished the whole thing. I need to go back and remember why I stopped watching lol

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But… have you watched it so far?
Dramas often start with a desperate situation only to continue with its reversal later on. Either the oppressed one finds the strength to resist and change their life or the villains reconsider and have a change of heart, or some heroic people fight for the oppressed until justice is done.
I haven’t watched this particular one, but I would like to hear the opinion of someone who has actually watched it past the first couple of episodes.
If it’s really so bad, it would be very upsetting that it has so much success.


I learned my lessons well!! when I start a drama or movie(book and such) if they don’t grab me at the first few sentences or first few clicks you lose me.

well like Irmar said, keep on watching and it will get better. 1. the prime minister & I, excuse foir not watching it was like a lot of them , knocking down thir competiters and all. but this was really a good one, and of course I hated the ending, the rest of it was really good.

marriage contract, office girls, madam antonet(?) there are a lot of good ones out there, if “I” give them a chance

. heres one healer, I didn’t like the way it started, but its one of my big favorites! still wonder if he did his own stunts. and did like the ending. oh I could go on and on, so now I need to wartch that Return and maybe come back tell you my views,

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Most Kdramas start off slowly, sure, so it’s important to give them time, but that’s not why I made this post. I’m not criticising the plot or the acting. It’s the disgusting nature of it that I’m pointing out. When the characters behave like utter monsters, certainly not anything resembling a human being, then it’s absurd to talk about any plot. I assume there is one, but I couldn’t stomach anything I saw. If you can watch the first 2 episode without throwing up or considering the invention of a machine to transport yourself inside the screen and stop the madness, then maybe we can indeed tell us how it ends.


I feel sometimes ppl read between the lines and don’t pay attention and immediately write whatever they want. Some love nothing but to contradict what other’s say.

It’s obvious that your point had nothing to do with the story plot but the inhuman behavior from the characters towards the women. You couldn’t stand that type of behavior towards women and you know to give them view will give them viewership high ranks. They will then be making more of this kinds of dramas and that’s something no one and especially women should stand for. I think the actress left bc she couldn’t take it either.

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Most k-dramas portray men and women as these perfect individuals who find love, get married, and live happily ever after. That pretty ridiculous and unrealistic. I didn’t finish watching return (i don’t like seeing blood on tv or in real life), but i can see why this drama has been mad. People rich or poor (in this case rich) are not perfect and many evil people exist. Instead of pretending this doesn’t exist this k-drama in showing that. The idea that this drama is reflecting stone age behavior is pretty unrealistic and ignorant because aplenty of people around the world go through worse no matter the state of their economy or technological development. And you make it seem like the men in this drama are only bad. he women are just as conniving and evil. The drama does not have one good character because it is trying to show harsh realities.