River Where The Moon Rises ep 1 → 6

Will Viki replace ep 1 to 6 with Na In Woo’s re-filmed versions or not ?

You would need to ask Viki, how would we know?

Because I didn’t know where else to ask, thanks for that nice answer

Since we don’t know the terms of the contract Viki has with the content owner. You can always make a request through Viki Help Center, if you don’t know where I can give you the link or give directions, but it is possible since it is about contract terms that you might not get an answer.

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I once wrote an email to the Viki help center [REDACTED]
To get to the Viki help center, you have to scroll down, (doesn’t matter where) so that you’re by the black menu, select language, and so on.

Then you press on help center, scroll down to “contact us”. And then you should find it.

I hope it could help you.:blush:


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The answer is yes. :slight_smile: