Rock Ballads

anything like Kim Sung Kyu- 60 seconds!!!

I am just getting into it…any suggestions would be great :blush:

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Loveholic - Butterfly
Broken Valentine - Aluminium
FTIsland - Madly
Kang Seung Yoon - Wild and Young
The Nuts - Love Notes
CNBlue - I’m Sorry
The Jaywalker - Crash N Burn
Nell - Ocean of Light
Boohwal - I’m n love

Infinite’s “Last Romeo”?
Infinite’s J-rock song “Dilemma”? (Sunggyu looked soo sexy in that one). Last Romeo is more ballad style while Dilemma is more rock style.

You love 60 Seconds too? Wait…didn’t I post a comment on another one of your posts? lol. You’re everywhere :smile:
He’s coming out with his new solo album. I’m really excited. Hopefully there are more songs like “60 Seconds” and “Shine”.
Here is a video of Sunggyu singing along to his own song (Shine) that was playing on the radio :blush:
If you have time, please check out Infinite H’s new MV for their song “As Long As You’re Not Crazy”. It’s really good and we’re trying to increase the views for it since it recently came out. Thank you :rabbit: