Roy Chiu (邱澤 ) - Official Thread

Welcome to Roy Chiu’s Discussions thread! Chat about the popular Taiwanese actor and star of “The Girl in Blue” and “Easy Fortune Happy Life” here!

FUN FACT: Roy has been a volleyball player since his middle school days and was even selected to be part of the national team.

ok I found this official thread which I am well pleased. I like this fella, enjoy watching his acting. so now what is he doing, any acting uptodate spots? I’d like to see & hear more!! about Roy, 2 years ago?? wow. ok lets see what happens!

so I accidentally found this , Unbeatable 11, with Roy Chiu, seen it on you tube. this is a different one than the one that is on Viki. It looked really good the bit I seen. looks like a 2015 show.