RUNNING MAN / Kor - Eng subbers! / Segmenters

Running Man channel is looking for Kor-Eng subbers and segmenters! If you are interested send a PM babyinspiritestar1 or me!

This is a great show, but needs a lot of help and contributions! Help us to bring this show to other people with amazing work on segments and subtitles!

Thank you, Running Man followers!

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hi!!! i would like to help translating to spanish… :slight_smile:
where do i get information about that?

love this show , surprised there isn’t much subber 4 it I can sub to english

I agree because Running Man seems to be pretty popular. I don’t really watch many of the variety shows, I tried I just can’t unless there is someone who is guest that I like. Yet, Running Man is one of the one’s I find to be entertaining.

Hey all. This topic might be old, but hope some people might still be interested in helping Running Man with subtitling/segmenting. I think we still need a lot of help and volunteers for this great show.
Hopefully you guys are interested and can help the team. if you are wondering, I had Caro7 (English Moderator) to add me into the team.

I can sub korean -> english if you need that :smile: