Running Man Sub

*I dont know what do you guys think about that tv show (Running Man), interesting or not, to me that tv show is really funny. By the way I see the sub for that tv show that is so freakin slowly. Sometime I have to wait about 1-2 week for 100% english sub. I hope you guys can make it faster little bit, thanks.

You should step in our shoes and feel how we feel. The episodes are like an hour & 30 min - 2 hours long. Do you seriously think we can be faster? I am a big Running Man fan & the English mod of that show, but I will never pressure on the seggers & subbers. If you want somewhere else to sub it, go look at another website. Also, variety shows are more harder to sub & seg due to it being a variety show instead of a drama when just one person speaks a dialogue. Hopefully you see this message.


Yes, I did and I am waiting for next Running Man Ep from my country website, it has running man sub faster than in you do man. I am really enjoy it. I didnt pressure on the seggers or subber, I just was curious about that show. Why is Running man sub slowly than other one? was that question really makin you pressure?, so I dont have a power to ask, that is what you mean. One more thing, dont say " go look at another website", if people feel this website is freakin slowly sub, they will go to look other website. You dont need to tell.

Well, to your question about why it’s subbing slow, I said it already in my first reply saying that “The episodes are like an hour & 30 min - 2 hours long.” Regular TV shows [like k-dramas] are only an hour long, which is why it takes shorter/faster. Also, variety shows are harder to segment and sub because they just speak it out, not one dialogue at a time [like I also said, this is what I said in the first reply]. And I don’t know why I shouldn’t say go to another website when you said you watch it in another website that subs it faster?


Loved the last episode. Rain was awesome.

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Loved the new new one. Angel Eyes team vs Running Man team was awesome!