Sandsack - punch bag

Manchmal trifft man auf Menschen, die man einfach nicht verstehen kann oder unbewusst zu einem bewussten Problem werden…

Sometimes you meet people who you simply cannot understand or who unconsciously become a conscious problem…

Lasst nicht zu das negative Sachen, sich in euer Leben fressen, euch den Schlaf rauben :face_with_raised_eyebrow::angry:

Don’t let negative things eat up in your life, rob you of sleep

Dann schlagt auf diesen imaginären sandsack ein, richtig fest und schreit :fist_left::facepunch::fist_right: :dizzy_face:

Then hits the imaginary sandbag, really hard and screams :fist_left::facepunch::fist_right: :dizzy_face:

Verzweifelt nicht :persevere:
Don’t despair :confounded:


And it is so far
I hate it, I hate it so much…
People who are just grumbling
Grumbling sounds rather harmless
How can a colleague be so stupid and caustic, so superficial, We work in a big house, everyone in their own field is somehow dependent on the other, How can you be so mean and sooo caustic and and and… Only at ranting and making bad…
This one person brings so much resentment to a team… How can a person be so frustrated…
How do we say so nicely with us

Just shut the fuck up!!! :angry::angry:

And that to me, where I am so wonderfully calm and sociable :pensive::pensive:


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Lol there are people who are more grumpy than we are.

What about you?

When it happens, I often think of something else, like what I will do later lol

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Maybe you are right and I should think about what to do next
Or I imagine this person as a character from The Muppets Show




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Beaker, haha


Beaker, Waldorf und Statler
@lutra meine Nacht ist gerettet
Ich lach mich schlapp hier :joy::joy: zu gut


Lol be careful not to laugh in front of the person while imagining it, or else the person would look at you with a puzzled expression or get more grumpy :yum:

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