SARFT restrictions and historical dramas

I follow some cdrama blogs and they have been talking about how recent SARFT restrictions are affecting historical dramas.

What do you guys think about this? I was looking forward to a lot of historical dramas this year. :disappointed:

So far affected for sure are Win the World and Ruyi’s Royal Love in The Palace.

this doesn’t include dramas that have fantasy elements like wuxia and xianxias. Another drama that has been blocked by SARFT and has other legal problems is Siege in Fog.

Anyone has any information about this?

I’m not sure everyone is familiar with the abreviation of SARFT, I had to google it; it stands for:


ohh I thought most people who follow cdramas know about them since they control everything.

As far as I know, Win the World was reported by two fans of the history of Qin Dynasty for its serious distortion of the real history, including the costumes, the characters, the events, etc. It hasn’t got its distribution license yet. Even if it gets the license, the drama will probably change its name to The Legend of Ba Qing.

The other thing is that SARFT did issue a restriction on the episodes of historical dramas being aired on prime time of television channels. But I am not sure whether it will affect Viki from getting the licenses.

Not affect Viki but it will affect their airing in China, which in turn affects us. :sob:

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