Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!)

I just started the drama Sassy Go Go. I am totally in love with it. I would like to have a very good discussion about this drama if anyone is willing to talk. To be honest, I was attracted by the drama because of Cha Hak Yeon (N) from VIXX. But as I have been watching it, it has gotten more interesting. Anyone else agree or disagree?


I love it! I can’t wait for episode 5 to air! I don’t think the leads will actually kiss though - I think ha joon will walk in and ruin it all :expressionless:

I have to admit, it’s the highlight of my week. And comes in the perfect part of it, as well - the morbid beginning (Mon/Tue).

Jung Eun Ji is gorgeous and adorable, as always (I can’t believe she’s only 22!), and her “opposing” partner is almost at the same level of adorableness.

One thing I noticed was, that even though the drama seems very superficial (cheerleading, rich kids’ school), the dialogues are everything but shallow.

Also, liking the comic book still frames.

Now that Twenty Again is over, I think this might become the highlight of my week too!

I don’t care how many there are, I still love school dramas. Even if the events aren’t all relatable, a lot of the emotions are. And the show’s usually cute and sweet. Speaking of, I can’t get over how adorable everyone in this drama is XD

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Same, I was thinking the same thing. If they were going to kiss then it would have been like “OMG we kissed what’s going to happen next” instead of “OMG we might kiss, but will we really?” Do you know what I mean?

Yes especially that guy who smiles alot.

Precious! :smile:

i love yeol’s smile :slight_smile: like it makes my heart flutter omg


yeah they are totally not going to kiss - i feel it in my bones – but i need the kiss. like when yeol was counting and leaned forward i nearly died

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Did anyone see episode 5 yet?

Just realised another reason why this show is so great. The women are strong, they are the leaders in the series. The cheerleading teacher is a wonderful example of a well-grounded person with a no-bull attitude and Kang Yeon Doo is a great fighter for injustice and loyal and caring to the bone. Just… wonderful characters.

Granted, the mothers are still hysterical, but small steps and we’ll get there.

I wish Viki would feature the show on their homepage slideshow. Please, Viki :heart:

Aw this Kdrama is cuteness overload. It kind of reminds me of Boys Over Flowers and I can’t help that I sometimes like the way corny and cheesy stuff like Yeol being head over heels for Kang Yeon Do… I want them to end up together and I bet they will anyway but he has some competition now and that makes it fun and cute too. Also one thing I like about Yeol is that he isn’t in her face all the time like you see in other Kdrama. He’s taking it slow to win over her heart… aw

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I love Yeol so much and im so excited to see how they are going to play his and Yean Do’s relationship <3

Sort of a SPOILER

Yes I also realized that the women were very strong in this drama. I’m so glad that they decided on doing what was right rather than protecting their reputation. I almost cried I was so happy. This Yeol and Yeon Do’s relationship will be beautiful. sigh.

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Every scene they have, I am in love

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This Drama is Awesome, LOL!
I love the actors, too.
(Sassy Go Go Go)