SBS Drama Award 2013

What do you think about the SBS Drama Awards ?
If you have any other Videos or quotes or favorite scenes than let me know haha
Also we can disscuss who deserves the drama which they won…

For exmaple the Best Dressed Award which is won by LMH

Daesang: Lee Bo Young

Special Award: Jo In Sung

Male Best Excellence (Mini-Series): So Ji Sub

Female Best Excellence (Mini-Series): Song Hye Kyo

Male Best Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Lee Min Ho

Female Best Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Lee Yo Won

Male Best Excellence(Long Drama): Jeon Kwang Ryul

Female Best Excellence (Long Drama): Nam Sang Mi

Male Excellence (Mini-Series): Lee Jong Suk

Female Excellence (Mini-Series): Sung Yuri

Male Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Sung Dong Il

Female Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Park Shin Hye

Male Excellence (Long Drama): Kim Ji Hoon

Female Excellence (Long Drama): Wang Bit Na

Popularity Award: Lee Min Ho

Teen Star Award: Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Yo Won, Lee Min Ho, Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Nam Sang Mi, Song Hye Gyo

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Soo Mi

PD Award (chosen by all PDs): Lee Bo Young

Best Supporting Actor (Mini-Series): Jung Woong In

Best Supporting Actress (Mini-Series): Kim Mi Kyung

Special Acting Award: Kim Mi Suk, Jung Eun Woo

Special Actor (Weekend Drama): Jang Hyun Sung

Special Actress (Weekend Drama): Jang Yeong Nam

Special Actor (Mini-Series): Lee Hyo Jung

Special Actress (Mini-Series): Kim Sung Ryoung

New Star Award: Lee Da Hee, Kang Min Hyuk, Kim So Hyun, Seo In Guk, Kim Yoo Ri, Jung Eun Ji, Lim Ju Hwan, Kim Ji Won, Kang So Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk

Best Dressed: Lee Min Ho

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It’s so weird that Gong Hyo Jin didn’t get any award…

Yep thats really weird. Actually there are some things I don´t understand, like how LMH and PSH won the best couple award 2013. I like them in real life , sometimes I ship them but seriously not in Heirs

2013 SBS Drama Awards || Congratulations to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye (The Heirs) for winning the best couple.

“Firstly, when filming this drama, often we heard, ‘are they really dating? It looks like they’re not acting’. Those type of comments were heard often. I want to take this opportunity to properly thank Eun Sang who accepted my taking the lead in ad-libbing.” - Lee Min Ho

“Firstly, thanks to Kim Eun Sook for writing a beautiful couple like Tan-Eun Sang, and also to PD Kang and PD Boo for filming everything beautifully. Also, as for the one who takes initiative but still with lots of charisma and full of life, Min Ho oppa, because I’m introverted by nature, I can’t really respond well to oppa’s jokes, but he still managed to lead this inept dongsaeng very well - I’m very thankful to him. I’ve heard the rumors too, and I think it’s because we have a good understanding/chemistry, which is why we got this award. Really thank you oppa, thank you!” - Park Shin Hye

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Definitely a must watch hahahaha

The whole show was kinda based on Heirs that´s why if you search for it like me you usually find pics like that

I’m watching it right now ! But omo how did LMH get the Best dressed award ?? xD It’s not that I don’t like him but his clothes in Heirs were awful ( sorry ) xD lol

hahahaaha I love LMH really he is my favorite actor and then there are so many others haha. But the point is : his clothes in Heirs are terrible basta
hahaha sorry oppa

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` I don´t understand that but okay haha

But seriously the show is based on The Heirs , like there are no other dramas ?

the reactions haha

Yeah it looks like they focused a lot on this drama !!

I am trying to find more videos which are not based on The Heirs … God they make me hate this drama haha

They talked a few times about I hear your voice too ^^

yes I found finally the video with Lee Bo Young haha

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OMG !! Lee Jong Suk was soooo handsome and that blonde hair ^

hahahah yes but he was a little bit serious 0.o Or did I see something wrong

I just saw him a few second walking on the red carpet so I dk xD

For example when the parody of the heirs was viewed haha he scared me a little bit with that serious face but I love him anyway

okay haha he smiled a little bit

Wait I watch this part and I’ll tell you my reaction to it xD Yayyy Kim woo Bin and Lee Bo yong are the hosts ^

hahahahaha i thought : Well Bromance and Romance of him together