Scandal Makers please?

Hi I was wondering if Scandal Makers

will ever be brought on i would be so greatful if someone takes it on i love that movie be nice to have a easy legal way to watch

it´s under coming soon. whatever that says… its there since two months already ?

I saw that one, about 3 times already. Is really good and it will make your heart break, and you will sob like a baby in some parts (if you have a soft heart for heart wrenching parts). The best so far for me, I have no complaints about it. The main guy is one of my favorites, but he’s not around so much. I wonder, why?

It baffles me, since this guy is an awesome actor and I feel has a rare attractiveness to him, that surprises me personally since I’m not into Asian man. One of those rare moment that I ask myself what is it, I find so special in him.

He was great in this movie, too. So, while you wait for that one, I hope you watch this one, if you haven’t done so yet. What I love the most about him, is that his story plots are so different. This movie is really something different for a change. Enjoy it!

I will check it out for sure

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