Scary shows for Scary season!



It is a new version, and is the mystery you can’t solve until the end. LOVE IT! check it out



It is a great movie and the mystery doesn’t unravel until the very end; so it was awesome! That’s how I like them; unpredictable. Hope if you see more movies like that pls. let me know, thanks.

From your list the only one I didn’t see was: [SELL YOUR HAUNTED HOUSE] but the rest I love them so much that I re-watched them.


This is the BEST Chinese Ghost story. I thought I saw it here but it was on Ntfx. Gonna request here.


oh, I wasn’t thinking about horror.
But thinking about that



yes and when I see a flock of birds, I watch closely, just in case they attack, and still today I watch, that was a scary drama for me too

I haven’t watched divine fury, didn’t think it would be any good, so another one to check out.

I think I have seen blood rain, I will have to check it out to remind me.

and yes the all time fave. the 6th sense!! awesome!!

I seen vertigo many years ago, I thought it was good

loved the ghost & mr chicken!!
I loved sell your haunted house!

and all your lists here, awesome!!

oh my son got me to re-watch the moth man a few months ago, theres one of those “mandella” effects on it, quite interesting. anyway you all have some fantastic lists, I have watched most of them,

ghost bride, awesome, masters usn, had one on there as well,

and so many more!!!


Any of the older ones remember Tarantula, I think that was the movies name, today you would laugh at the amateurish stage set, but as a child I really was so frighten.



That damn bird movie traumatized my daughter for life. Her father and I were watching that movie with all the kids, and she’s 30 and to this day, she sees a pigeon and runs. When we go to the beach I have a hard time bc she sees a seagull and screams, and to make matters worst, where we live at we have crows, eagles, pigeons and even owls! It’s a nightmare to get to the car with her hiding with my body lol


did me that way too, really took me a long time to get over them!!


oh my goodness! I forgot that one!


I saw it, and I never became paranoid about it, but for unknown reason ZOMBIE movies can really ruin my night.


just keep the zombies, can’t kill them, but give me a vampire, you got crosses, garlic and stab in the heart oh yeah sunshine, werewolvews, a silver bullet, the witches, well…

and yeah loved the zombie detectiove…


Did you get the mail too Viki Collection


I have the movie and when I watched it I wondered if there could be something like that… I think some prophecies have occurred… it was very eerie!!!


When I was very young I stayed with a friend and her mom and my mom went out and we watched black and white TV Ms. Marple by Agatha Christie… it was very scary for us as we were very young and “weren’t supposed to watch TV”, that was in the 70’s when parents went out leaving kids at home… I’m sure the neighbors knew they were out… still…

I still remember some of the scenes. It was “Murder, she said”.
When Miss Marple reports witnessing a murder through the window of a passing train, the police dismiss her as a dotty spinster when no trace of the crime can be found.


More eerie movies… :ghost::bat:

  • Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski (Vampire)
  • Sleepy Hallow with Johny Depp


yes that was a good one!!


Yes! This one was good! I’m not a fan of horror genre but this one was sedate enough for me to finish. LOL.


I did enjoy this one way back in the early 90’s. With Gary Oldman as a HOT Dracula. Hahaha!




LOL and the melody went on and on in my head, ding ding ding ding ding, da ding ding, da ding ding - da da …


This was a REAL nightmare to watch.