Scary shows for Scary season!

Yikes! Scary season is here! How about a list of your favorite or most terrifying shows! Links please!

Ghost marriage.



I was watching with my daughter and had to stop bc is gruesome


I am not really into horror and such …
But I like to rewatch

Just for fun.


I thought the Ring was scary, the girl with long hair :scream: coming out of the TV… :ghost::dizzy_face:


I’m watching this one but had to stop. Going back after coffee break


once enough was for me, oh was this a newer version?


Did you guys already watch this one:

You can always go with the “classics”


thats the one I do like a lot y’all didnt add oh my ghostness , the Hotel Deluna, how about the ?? counter sorry not able to remember the name right now, on NF anyway

and I am very hesitant of the vanished!
the ghost bride, ghost chasers, and can put more on here!

This is a really good movie, hope you enjoy it!

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Classics - I don’t do scary anymore

this scared me to death!!! I hated this movie! :ring:

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Yes, there is some more little did I watch only the first one

Train to Busan is still there

Haha, that title

My oh my, that picture LOL

Anyone watched them all?


There are more to choose:

  • The Mothman Prophecies with Richard Gere :clap:
  • The Haunting
  • Psycho, Alfred Hitchcok
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This one is so FUN!

Love Alfred Hitchcock

I hate this movie! There were birds all over my backyard when I watched this! I was so darn scared!

I love classics

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Oh this one!


I like Thriller shows

I watched this “The Birds” when I was young and it scared me somewhat, I do observe birds and like birds, but the crows are somehow different!

The crows sometimes gathered in my backyards for perhaps 20 minutes and made noise, I had high and several trees so they occupied those… and I always thought of that movie. I also noticed, not sure which season or year round, that they always flew at dusk eastwards which was over my house … have to explore just why…

I think I saw this long time ago on Viki
Blood Rain


I ACTUALLY love birds! I was just talking about the Macaw I used to hold when I was a kid - it was a retired circus Macaw he was beautiful lived in my grandmothers neighborhood

Those weren’t really scary natyh! They were good though! I’ve watched all of those.

For Terror - Even this heathen (My father says I’m actually a heretic :sunglasses: danged legalist! Shoulda been a Jesuit! ) Drug out the dusty crucifix, remembering when 2nd mother sent us to steal some holy water from the priest’s house for a baño. EEEE! What else do I need for this movie! Ah!
RED BEANS! All I needed was my great-grandmother’s handmade lace mantilla and I would have been set! But NOoOoOooo - The little kids got into gramma’s cedar chest and disappeared the mantilla! AaaAaaAaaa - danged gremlins! This movie is SCARY AS *D&H$SA%^@B@ :scream:

And Woo Do Hwan is such a CUTIE (outside this movie)!

You go get him Park Seo Joon!


ahahahahhahahhahahaahahah My mom and grandmother were a bit perturbed with Mr. Hitchcock because he made out Bodega Bay to be a scary place. My great-grandmother was born out that way. Right between Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay. Just south of Dillon Beach. (California) But then gramma wondered if that fear would keep the tourists away. :laughing:

We were very wary of seagulls at school because of that movie.


Woo Do was HOT in the movie STILL!



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