Scent of a Woman

UGHHHH I just finished Scent of a Woman…and wow it was so good. i have no idea why I didn’t watch this earlier!!! Who else fell in love with this drama???


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Yeah, it’s a great drama ! The tango scene was great ! I love the OST too.

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I just re-watched the tango scene again. Omg haha it was so sexxxxy, they didn’t even kiss!!

But YES I just downloaded the OST it is amazing.

Do you know of any of Lee Dong-wook’s other good dramas? I don’t want to start watching Hotel King, even though he looks so incredibly attractive in it, because there are supposed to be like 30 episodes and I can barely finish dramas w/ 20 episodes! lol

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I didn’t see many dramas with him. But I loved My Girl and Partner (but there is no romance in this one).

Was amazing, and the Junsu’s Ost is so perfect!!! I watched it in 2011 I think; it works every tear, all my fear and time invested. Beautiful drama.

Omg! This is one of my top 10 fav. kdramas. I love Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook… I am waiting to re-watch it again.

I just love scent of woman, I just finished rewatched it again. And I love the voice of Junsu.

Thanks to this post now i found a drama to start on while my other dramas are up to date. I was searching for a good drama. Thank You!

It is so amazing. Enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

Junsu…omg. His voice is heavenly!!!

Now i totally understand im going through a good drama withdraw, I now want to watch more of dong wook but in this type of scenerio! OmG it’s on my top dramas. I need a new good drama like this! Thank You sooo much for giving us this topic! I got a new drama. but I wonder how i missed it. I’m lost now wanting a sad storyline with some hope in it!

Beyond the clouds maybe ? Is also a melodrama and I loved it

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Thank You! I will try that one.
I have been watching dramas, like angel eyes, we have you surrounded, leaf, and fall in love with me. But I need something complete where i can just keep going without stopping. I will say this, I am always like a tear jerker style of drama. it makes me feel alive lol!

Okay then I have to say this !! Don’t leave till you pass episode 5 !!!

Thank You for the tip!

Haha it’s because I was about to leave till I got into episode 5 and I was like " OMGGGG how awesome is this " I have to say the chemistry is awesome and the main lead is just wow

I watched all the episodes in a row 14 episodes were already out I had to wait for the last 2. It was torture I watched the final raw and I never did that before

I love melodramas lol I like crying. How weird is that?
Just watched a Bollywood movie few days ago… I cried so much at night because of that. When I was in school everybody asked me if sth bad happened ^^ I looked like a panda, my eyes lol

Okay i shall start it tonight, but…
Bollywood i just got into a movie yesterday called aashiqui 2 or something like this probably spelled it wrong. I’m at intermission but it is so interesting. Havent watched bollywood movies in 10 years or more.

OMGGGG THAT’S IT !!! that was that movie I watched T_T
So sad… I love the songs of this movie I have all of them on my phone ^^

My friend who is addicted to Bollywood thought that the movie wasn’t sth special,
but I loved the movie.

What do you think about it ?

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I loved the movie. It was totally different then the eros and bollywood crazy dancing and storylines of love. I actually love the songs they had the soundtrack was amazing! Its a nice change to indian movies! something i like!

Actually most of the new Bollywood movies dance less than before but they keep it because Bollywood is known for that.

Yeah I know it was a beautiful story and a sad one…

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