Scholar question

Why has Ep 19 of Scholar who walks the night said ‘today’ for the last 3 days but we still cannot watch it?

Likely just an error.
Scholar airs and uploads on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ep.19 today, 20 tomorrow.

Must be a bug and I think it stopped airing in Korea less then an hour ago…

A tip: If you want to check when an episode airs check the official tv guide (I made a list here) and convert it to your own local time. Then add about 3 hours to that time and check the channel then. It’s most likely up without subs if there are no bugs or no other agreements made with the content owner.

It may be complete on an other site but I’ll wait until it’s subbed here as I get a great laugh from the timed comments made they are more entertaining than the drama. The two beautiful vampires are the only thing that has kept me following it otherwise it would be useless. Go watch ‘Yong Pal’ while you’re waiting it’s a great drama.