School, Love, Hot Guys and... Umm... Dildos

Back in my day, the teachers would admonish me for reading books in class. Books! Let me tell you, reading opened up the whole of Universe to me. The teacher’s inane and hurtful speeches, however, only infuriated me.

Fortunately, Saebit Boys High School is nothing like my narrow-minded school. Here you can carry a bunch of dildos with you, and no one bats an eye. My only question is: Am I still eligible to enroll? Seems like a fun, uninhibited place where lots of shenanigans happen.

So, if hot guys doing naughty things to each other sets a fire under your binging seat, then by all means please give Light On Me a go. And don’t worry. It has a PG rating of 12. Yeap, VIKI thinks 12-year-olds can watch this. Never change, Viki, never change. :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:




They are not dildos in the sense that adults might think of them. They are actually part of a suite of equipment used for teaching Sexual Education classes.

Saebit High is a boys school and Light On Me it’s set in Years 9–12. A feature of many boys’ schools programs—certainly those in Australia where I teach—involves instructing boys about safe sex and sexual health. The overarching theory is that it’s better for young men to know how to avoid getting HIV/AIDS, causing pregnancies, catching STDs such syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc. The imitation penises are used to teach the boys how to apply condoms. The young man in the opening of Light On Me who was carrying the box of these devices would have been either taking then to a Sex Ed. class or bringing them back from one.

Here in Australia, Viki’s rating for Light On Me is < M >. This means it’s not recommended for children under the age of 15 years without a parent present.

Personally, I think school programs that equip children to cope with the world in which we now live are very, very valuable.


and there also enough 12 old kids which are parents at this age. they are not stupid or like we, at this time of age. sure not all are so, but kids today are not like kids 20/ 30 years ago.
times changes. and when something like this in a drama, then be it so. if it´s for education, why not?


I think, kids need to be educated on safe sex.
At the age of 11/12 years, my kids learned how to put a condom on a “dildo”, as it’s nearest to the natural shape of a penis. And I am fine with that and grateful, that it’s taught in school. I would teach them myself, but I am sure, they would be less comfortable with that, than in school with their classmates.


That caught my attention!!! hee hee hee


Wow really? It wasn’t too long ago that BLs started with an R rating weather they needed them or not. One of the most tame sweet ones ever, Mr. Heart had an R rating, as did Where Your Eyes Linger. lol


I laughed my head off just seeing the 2 screenshot so I went to watch it for context as I was going to comment.
It states in the genre that it’s BL to further aid any parents in making informed decisions as to whether they allow those under their guidance or moral standards to watch or not.
If any any 12 year old is watching unsupervised, then the rating system is rendered useless as they could just as easily be watching an R/18 rated drama or film equally unsupervised.

I think you really need to watch at a minimum the first episode up to the screenshotted place for context (8 minutes), as the only message I got is “no running in the hallway!” and you may have fallen into Adrian’s trap of thinking the “item” is used in the drama for, **cough** the manufactures original intended use. (Although the joke is based on that premise.)



I figured that after I read what @manganese wrote, but no matter what allowing 12 year old kids to watch this here at viki; is very wrong (in my opinion) Me Knowing no parents will be around them anyway.

It should have a 15+ age for viewing rate. I won’t watch bc I hate school dramas and cute idol boys. I’m too old for that.


I think it was in another topic about ratings, that it’s rated by relevant countries ratings board? But as I said, if they are unsupervised, even if it was rated 15+ you’re still at the mercy of the youngster’s self control to police themselves.


You know, Viki and their crazy ratings. :scream_cat::joy_cat:


Hmmm… Maybe my kids are raised very liberal over here in Germany…
I watched the first episode with my 13 year old daughter, and she laughed so hard at that scene. She got the joke, knew what was meant and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. And so did (oder didn’t) I.

I assume it’s somehow a cultural thing, too.


I think people are getting the wrong impression here. I’m totally in on this crazy ride. Heck, I want to enroll in this school.
It’s just that the rating is off. And that has to do with Viki. Anyway, if you’re OK with it, then please watch it. I did recommend it, after all. :rofl::joy:


deleting this

I’m curious, which countries are saying this is rated as suitable for a 12 year old?

VIKI’s ratings change depending on location. In Australia, VIKI’s rating is < M > which means “Mature Audiences” and is interpreted as “Children under 15 years old should not watch without parental supervision.”

It’s rated PG where I am, which means 12 y/o shouldn’t be watching without parents ok.

Personally I’d let a young teenager watch it so far. That wasn’t a graphic scene in my mind. I have a feeling that to some degree there’s a cultural divide/difference here. Later when Taekyung brings up this incident it sounds like he’s about to say ddong chim, which is a Korean prank. Not something that would be slightly appropriate where I live, but it’s also a Korean show.

And for clarification it wasn’t a box of dildos, it was one of three, that fell out of a box of what looks like health supplies, more likely than not for sex ed, as @manganese suggests.



I’m just hanging out on this thread - so interesting!


The rating is correct in Australia (it’s “Mature Audiences”). VIKI’s ratings are now country-dependent.


Where I live (Belgium) it’s also rated suitable for 12 year olds

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In Norway it has a marking 12.

Same voyeuristic tendencies here :raising_hand_woman:‍♀


I like the show. I think it’s super funny. And I found your comments super informative. It’s just that VIKI never takes the time to examine what exactly is added to their site. They never do. But Hey, it’s VIKI. Take it or leave it. :sweat_smile: