Science Fiction Dramas ✨

One of my favorite genre of drama is Science fiction/Fantasy. So I thought it would be cool to make a topic on Science fiction/Fantasy drama’s.

So go ahead list down below some of the Science Fiction shows/Fantasy shows that you know. It can be Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, or Korean. You can even put a smiley face next to the drama that you recommend. And you can put * next to the drama that is on Viki.

Here is my list of Science Fiction/ Fantasy Drama’s.

*While you were sleeping (Korean Drama)
Timeless (Taiwanese Drama)
Abyss (Korean Drama)
*Prodigy Healer (Chinese Drama)
*Destiny’s love (Chinese Drama)
*Psychometric (Korean Drama)
*Melting me Softly (Korean Drama)


I’m only talking about Korean content here, because I’ve seen too few Chinese ones.


Truthfully, there have been very few science fiction dramas.

  • One could be “Melting Me Softly” because cryonics is something that could actually happen at some point in the future, if science advances enough.
  • "I am not a Robot" , “Are You Human Too”, “Perfect Boyfriend”, and all android love stories, since there might be perfected robots in the future.
  • Same for “My Love from Another Star”. If there are aliens and if they can find a way to come to earth, it “could” happen.
  • Maybe “Birth of a Beauty” could also be called science fiction, as such plastic surgery procedures are only theoretically possible.
  • “Traces of the Hand” very silly web drama about an app called T-Scope that helps see other people’s secret messages
  • "Circle" a.k.a. "Two Worlds Connected"

Most of the others are fantasy. No science involved.


Time travel

without any time machine, because of

  • falling in water (as in Deserving of the Name) or
  • dying (as in Queen In Hyun’s Man) or by
  • taking a certain subway line (as in Tomorrow With You) or
  • jumping across a ravine with your horse (as in “Rooftop Prince”) or
  • going through a manhole (as in “Operation Proposal” and Manhole) or
  • going through a cavern/hole in the wall (as in “Faith a.k.a. The Great Doctor”)
  • going through a toll gate ("Go Back Couple" or “Familiar Wife” )
  • going through an elevator (“Marry him if you dare” (a.k.a. “Mirae’s choice”)

Fantastic being like gods, fairies, mermaids, goblins, nine-tailed foxes and cartoon characters:

  • The Fairy and the Woodcutter
  • "The Bride of the Water God"
  • Goblin
  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • Gu Family Book
  • "Legend of the Blue Sea"
  • "The Universe’s star" stupid web drama. Lead is the daughter of a Grim Reaper
  • "W" (cartoon character comes to life)
  • "Extraordinary life" (ditto)

Magic objects

  • the silly reviving globe given by aliens which turns you into your soul’s face in “Abyss” (nothing scientific about it).
  • "Magic cellphone" stupid and badly made web drama.
  • "Revenge Note 1 and 2" Silly school dramas about a magic app which allows you to take revenge on bullies and baddies

Witches, Wizards

  • "Moorim School"
  • "A Witch’s Love"

Special powers

  • "Soulmate" He is able to hear her thoughts
  • "He is psychometric" (able to see dead people’s last moments)
  • "I Hear Your Voice" (able to hear thoughts)
  • "The Girl Who Sees Smells"
  • "Meloholic" (able to read thoughts)
  • "About Time" (able to see others’ lifespan)
  • "While You Were Sleeping" (premonitory dreams)
  • "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" (extraordinary strength)
  • "Spark" stupid web drama (hit by lightning, emits electricity)
  • "Touching You" silly web drama (A man can see another person’s future just by touching their skin)

Soul swap/body swap

  • "Secret Garden" (a man and a woman swap bodies
  • “Room Number Nine” (a middle-aged and a young woman swap bodies)
  • "The Beauty Inside" (changing into different bodies: not a power, rather a curse, but well…)
  • "Queen of the Ring" mini-series (a ring makes her pretty)
  • "The Miracle" stupid web drama. Pretty and ugly sister swap bodies
  • "The Dude in Me" Film. Body swap between a middle-aged mafioso and a young student.
  • "Perfume" (a perfume makes her turn into her younger self)


Not sure whether to label this as fantasy. I personally think there are ghosts, so…

  • "Bring it on, Ghost"
  • "Hotel del Luna"
  • "Oh My Ghostess"
  • "Chicago Typewriter"
  • "Spellbound" (romantic horror film)
  • "What Is The Ghost Doing" (KBS Drama Special)
    and many many others

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to change the title of the thread to put fantasy first?

Yeah there isn’t so many Science fiction tv shows. However, I put science fiction as the title because I was aiming for people to post more on Science fiction tv shows even if there aren’t many :slight_smile: . And I definitely don’t think the reviving orb from Abyss is silly. And I think Abyss is more in the science fiction category rather than just fantasy, or least is a mixture of Sci- fi and Fantasy.
Either way you never know they may be some science fiction tv shows we don’t know about and hopefully people will let us know :slight_smile: .

I don’t know if Love Alarm would categorize as science fiction, but it deals with love and apps (okay, now that I write it like that, it seems like a dating app drama, but not really…). The only thing is that the app in the show has been made, but it is still under development. Nonetheless, technology plays a central role in this kdrama.

I would categorize the cdrama Eagles and Youngster as science fiction with some fantasy thrown in, since it is similar to Journey to the Center of the Earth and it has some treasure hunter vibes.

Also, the kdrama Signal. It has a radio from the past and an intricate criminal plot.

I’ve also seen that some dramas have their character go into a video game. I’m not sure that is science fiction though…


would tunnel be sci-fi? what about the guy with the phone and he travels to the past? what about the guy with the picture and able to talk to someone in the past. oh yeah our favorite love story, love in the palace, think thats right girl transported to past?
now if you are talking about aliens, what about the reincarnated foxes that come to earth>that one was quite good I thought. cant think of the name at the moment
another one 9 times 9(thats not right title)

what about the woodcutter & the fairy? so time travel is sci-fi? or fantasy? yeah I would love to see sci fi here too.

spacey, so many things undiscovered in these Asian countries, would be great to find a colony of people…if people in other countries can “conjer” up aliens from eons ago settling here in the mid west(USA)for instance, who is to say there isn’t something hidden ,

note “love from the star” yeah that could be a fantasy, but who is to say there aren’t aliens from another world.
ok I accidentally got on my soapbox. boyfriend is an alien. prince on a rooftop, but who is to say fantasy or scifi?
yeah I know its a fantasy.
so no matter we have more fantasy than scifi. people from Atlantis, fantasy or??? another key , writers imaginations note my handle"frustratedwriter":lizard::star:
the Atlantis people went to Egypt, south America, what about the land of MU ,they had to go somewhere,
ooooh I got one! prodigy healer, why not aliens?? :alien::alien::crazy_face:

o the Marvel comics one of the heroes (Captain America??) fell into a place that were aliens? sorry that is the only one I could think of!!
another if y’all havent watched it is Chinese, called Guardian, both scifi & fantasy, did it ever get me to wondering.
I also am a scifi nut, the what ifs come to mind too. ok history here. ever hear of the first Chinese Emporer , or someone, came here on a fire breathing dragon?:dragon:
:flying_saucer: why couldn’t it have been a space ship(the breathing fire part)like I said spacy… and if I gave you a laugh thats good too’:alien:: alien:

Esther3-940; I really hope your link takes off! still would love to find out if there are any sci-fi dramas too here :male_detective: :woman_superhero:


Maybe change the tag to just TV & Movies when it is for all Asian movies and not only Korean?

I’m not sure if scifi is only for high scifi or also for mystery stories… so hopefully these suit your defination :slight_smile:


Japanese crime thrill with time travel/alternate reality aspect.

My only Love

Korean romance comedy with time travel/alternate reality aspect.

Lost Love in Times

Chinese fictional historical-fantasy with time travel/alternate reality aspect.

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  1. are you human? I don’t know where this one is now
  2. I am not a robot-Viki
    3 my boyfriend is an alien(??) not sure but think its still on Viki
    4 what about the ones that have special powers? (like the prodige healer)
    5 the item
    6 What about people that sees, hears, feels things
    psychometric, I hear you, the girl that sees smells,
    7the one the girl creates a boyfriend a robot
    8 melting me softly? Viki
    9 think this is called golden eyes viki
    10 I see you, the Korean one, was on viki, don’t know where this one is
    11, the guy sees the persons future(not psychometric)
    12 woodcutter & farie
    13, the foxes that came here from another world centuries ago, transformed into humans viki
    14 lord of water(?) viki
    15 goblin?? fantasy?? vii
    16 black? fantasy viki

One of my fave Sci-Fi Kdrama was CIRCLE (Two Worlds Connected), with Kim Kang Woo and Yeo Jin Goo (!!!) and a positively brilliant supporting cast — which I continue to hope Viki will pick up someday. Here’s the synopsis from My DramaList:

“Taking place in both the present year 2017 and in the year 2037, when people believe that their future depends on humans controlling and regulating their emotions, this drama is a sci-fi mystery. When alien visitors arrive on Earth, humans learn new skills from them and take advantage of them; what ensues is a story of alliance, resistance, and love.
Each episode will contain two shorter stories, the first part set in 2017 and called “Beta Project,” with the second set in 2037 and called “Grand New World.” ”



I forgot about that one, a good one, circle looks like another one I must watch again!! thanks sheishun 548

Thank you @helenama73_911 for your awesome selection of dramas. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:smile: Thank you @frustratedwriter and thank you for your cool list of dramas.

Thank you @sonmachinima for your great list of dramas. I am not rigid in my definition of sci-fi or fantasy so feel free to put any drama that you feel fits in the genre. It is absolutely and totally fine. :slightly_smiling_face:. I thought putting both Tv and Movie and Kdrama might be better because we are talking about kdramas and we are talking about other Asian dramas as well. So I thought both would be a good representation. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you @sheishun_548. Circle seems like a really interesting drama. I will put it on my watch list. The only things is they don’t have it on viki :sob:

Science Fiction? I had to think about this some more and would say there are only a few real Science Fiction dramas around. “Something technical that isn’t possible now but is somewhat explained … No Fantasy, … No fairy tale …” per definition.
I guess for me there is only one:

Ice Girl - pretty old drama 2005 - loosely based on the movie Forever Young (with Mel Gibson - 1992?)

About a young woman being “frozen” by her dad … Later awakes but still has the medical problem she had in the past and her dad wasn’t able to help her then. (He did it hoping, that there would be a cure in the future.)
I think it is one of the rare cases where the drama actually tries to explain the science used in all the other I saw it’s more like you need to accept the “magic”.

But then Forever Young the movie did not run as a Science Fiction movie either, if I remember that correctly …

There are several scifi shows recently just not from Asia (most of them are European).

Two newer Chinese movies are:

Shanghai Fortress
Liúlàng Dìqiú (流浪地球)

I watched the first one but it was like a Chinese remake of old Hollywood movies like Independance Day…